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Schweitzer is cool!

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My son and I were fortunate enough to spend one day at Schweitzer this past Saturday. Very nice area! Blue bird day, incredible views, good snow, very good terrain. The snow was three days old, but grooming was excellent. I would almost give up a testicle to check out the place on a powder day, there were some good looking chutes and steeps around both the front and back bowls. It was pretty crowded, but it was probably the most popular day of the year to ski, so one could imagine Schweitzer is rather crowd mild most of the time. Overall, one the best resorts I have been to, I recommend it highly!
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Sorry! Thought I was in the resorts forum.
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A glowing report and a welcome one!

Will you be going back anytime soon? You can meet me, skier_j, GarryZ and VolantAddict Jan 18th on the snowy Schweitzer slopes.
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Glad to hear you enjoyed yourself, Jef. Saturday and Sunday were both very nice days, albeit a little busy but that's expected during the holiday week. That week, MLK weekend, and President's weekend are the three busiest times at Schweitzer by far. Usually there's no waiting more than a couple of minutes on any of the lifts. I didn't go in the North Bowl this weekend as I heard it was a little icy and I don't like riding chair 6 when it's busy but I did ski the chutes in the South Bowl most of the day on Saturday and it was actually pretty good. The snow was kind of a breakaway packed-powder/crud with some soft areas mixed in here and there. There were also some pretty good bumps on the face of chair 1 that were pretty fun.

Thanks for the report!
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blue sky lucky you!

Great that you had clear skies, usually it's foggy. You can count yourself lucky, good deal!
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