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Sorry about that

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I purchased new skis, boots and a helmut this year. I then went and got a season pass for the first time in ten years to Whitetail. Went to opening day had too much fun and have been waiting, impatiently, to return to the slopes since.

So I feel, having purchased all that stuff, responsible for this absolute disaster of a year.

Want to apologize to who ever it was that I PO'd.


Can we have winter back now?

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We burnt about 15 pairs of skis at our chalet last night ,as an offering to the ski gods.We're expecting it to start dumping any minute now.
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Originally Posted by cspsskiguy View Post
We burnt about 15 pairs of skis
hope that helps. It does at the least prevent them from ever being used to make a chair...
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Now I know which doll to start sticking pins into.
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I was blaming it on Phil's arrogance about Pre skis and the impending date to Ski at Blue. I really figured he had made some deal with the cosmic snowmakers so he wouldn't have to keep GTG at Blue.

Phil, just do it!
Go ski on the snowcone slopes and put the cosmic forces back in their proper place.:
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Originally Posted by trekchick View Post
Phil, just do it!
Go ski on the snowcone slopes and put the cosmic forces back in their proper place.:
Oh sure, now its my fault!:
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I did make a couple of chairs and a bench a couple of years back,didn't turn out so well .Those darn bindings hurt when you sit on them.
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Welcome to Whitetail (or not, as the case may be). I'll help you out by taking partial blame with you. After teaching skiing every year since 1983, I took the past two seasons off, then decided to return this season. As it turns out, except for the returning instructor's meeting, I have yet to go up there. Thank God (or in this case my wife, for letting me go away for a week while she stayed home with the triplets) that I got up to Killington for a week. As it turned out, the week I was in K-ton, was the one and only week Whitetail has been open so far. Missing X-mas week is going to kill them.

I say we sacrifice the next weather man who gloats about how great this weather is. Even if it doesn't make it get cold or snow, it'll at least make us feel better!
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I did make it to the opening day. It was a great day, a hero snow kind of day actually. However, after great thought, I believe I would have liked Killington a touch more. Still great conditions this close is nice. Now if we can just get them back.

I guess they really need to make the rest of the holidays or this year will hurt.
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