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Happy New Year!

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I hate the midnight noises, so I'll say it here!
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And to all a good night!

What LM said!

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The only midnight or early AM noises were rain on the window. . I hope 07 starts better than 06 finished.
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The good news is that we have precipitation, the bad news is that its rain.

But, I'm happy, healthy, and ready to hit the slopes as soon as we get more snow!

Happy new year everyone!
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It is pouring here this morning alas. I finished 2006 by seeing how much better I could ski on ice then ever before. Not pretty but satisfying in it's way.

2007 morning brought no headlines of terrorism.

The new year brought a greatly reduced soreness in my back from skiing backwards bending over little kids holding the tips of their skis together.

The future is ours.

If we set goals and hold them close to our hearts, we will accomplish them.

Happy New Year everyone. May you believe in yourself, accept others as they are, and have a healthy and prosperous year!
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In 2006 Jstraw worked tirelessly to bring a new look and some great new features to EpicSki. I was reminded that when I used the multiquote tool this morning.

Thank you Jstraw for all your hard work!
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Happy 2007, everyone!

May your icy patches be few and far between and your goggles never fog.

Wishing you a safe, happy, and healthy new year!
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This would be a great year for everyone to visit their Epic friends in Colorado!
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Happy New Year everyone.
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Here's to the New Year.....
Same as the Old Year.......

I'm hoping it's more of the same. Last year was not all that bad, in the grand scheme of things.

I'm still alive.
Nothing hurts.....too badly.
I have friends, family and love.
I'm not homeless, penniless, or starving.
My mind is still somewhat clear.

What more does one need?
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Originally Posted by Bonni
What more does one need?
Temperatures cold enough to make snow?
Air fare to some place out west?

Happy New Year to all!!!!!!!!
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I'm leaving Sunday for 2 1/2 weeks in the snowy wonder that is Washington.

Life is Good.:
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