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OLN - Is it gone?

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Is OLN gone? Everytime I try to do a search a channel called versus comes up. I don't see skiing anywhere on that site - what's up? Who's broadcasting the races now?
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Versus is the name of the channel now and they dont have ski racing on it, the alst time I checked.. World cup sports network, broadcasts the events through streaming video and for a very reasonable 5 bucks or so.. you get a lot more coverage than before..
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vs does show the races, but about a week later (just like OLN did).
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VS has either ski racking or snowboarding on Sunday's from 5pm to 7pm.
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I just went to this websight below and wrote to them expressing my displeasure in their lack of interest in our US FIS ski team. I mentioned that they were losing us the skiers
because of their programing. It may help if we send them more feedback on how we feel.
Go to feedback on their websight and write them. Thank You
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Versus/OLN is dead to me.

I wrote them feedback emails for the past few years begging and pleading for better coverage.

Go to and pay under $5/month for streaming access to the full length, unmolested, and advert free footage of every men's and women's WC event on demand whenever it suits you. WCSN usually puts the video up the day of the events instead of weeks later like VS.

You get a swiss army knife as far as announcers go (the guy's specialty was hockey I think and he announces multiple sports for WCSN) but he isn't as obnoxious as Chad and Steve from OLN/Versus.
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Thanks for the tip on WCSN. I'd wondered the same about Versus and what had happened to the World Cup ski events.

It's nice to know someone out there realizes there's a lot more to snow sports than just a half-pipe.
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oh I didnt knowt he VS had coverage.. Anyway as barnstormer said, I find WCSN much better than vs..
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Watching ski racing these days would be nearly impossible without a DVR- not only to actually catch the 2 AM air times, but to fast forward through the lame commentators' take on courses and oversimplified explanations of technique.
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Hey, thanks for the linkie, xrisi! I had been searching through Epicski and Google the day before yesterday tring to find out where to get WC skiing on line. I know it had been posted here in the past but couldn't find it. Now I just need to get a spare, long cable, and connect my desktop computer to my tv so I can watch it on my Christmas present (a 47" LCD HD tv) .

I'm another person who wrote OLN a few times, expressing my displeasure at them for replacing skiing with more bull riding, hunting and fishing. I even wrote to DirecTv (at least they were kind enough to respond), about some sort of pay per view or subscription service for WC skiing. They said no, but at least they didn't ignore me.
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Check out WCSN's coverage for the upcoming January FIS World Cup races:

Don't forget to check out blogs from Bode, Julia and Marco:

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I almost forgot to reply to this again. I signed up for WCSN a couple of nights ago, and have been watching all the mens events (not enough time to watch the women's). I love it! Well worth $5/mo. I just wish their media player worked better (needs better fast forward, rewind and slow) and that the image quality was better for full screen.

Has anyone had any luck using another player to watch the races? I tried their suggestion to use my own Windows Media Player, but it didn't work. What I really want to do is use V1, but I don't think I can save the file to my computer.
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I've been using Replay (from applian) ($50). It has tools to record streaming media into your PC and convert to different formats. Some of the highly compressed flash stuff won't convert to decent avi suitable for V1, but I've had enough success to make it worth the $50.
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I use SDP downloader for free to save the streaming stuff to my computer. It won't allow you to convert from windows media to other formats... but there isn't much reason to convert as it is already highly compressed (500 megs for two hours or so) and you can't really increase the quality unless you are a ninja at video editing.

For windows media player you can do the following. Let the movie start in the embedded windows media player. Right click on the video itself and select properties from the menu. At the bottom of the tab it will say location and be followed by an mms:// address. Copy the entire mms address then open windows media player. Press crtl+u and paste the address in the box then click okay. That should direct the streaming video directly into windows media player.
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