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Intermediate Skier - Need Gear Help

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Hello guys,
I am an intermediate skier who skis mostly in the suburbs of Detroit on groomed hills. I try to visit the Boyne hills (up-north Michigan) at least once a year. I got rid of my 04 Rossignol Axium skis because they were too long (170 cm) for me. I would like to probably ski in something shorter to make quick turns. I like the reviews of Atomic Metron M9s and 9:7s but am not sure which ones are better for me. I want to get better and buy something that is useful for me today as well as in the future, something that is good for at least another 5 years. I am also getting a good deal on the used SX 10s but am not sure if they are too advance for me.

Also, I am 5'9 and 168 lbs. I plan to get skis that around 160 cm. I like to make quick turns and think this would be ideal size. I would like to demo skis before I buy them but there is snow in Michigan yet and the nearby hills don't have good quality skis available for rent. Please advise.

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Still seeking some suggestions

I am still looking for some help... anyone there?
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No advice as I'm still looking too.

Doesn't it just suck that there's been no snow? We're hoping to head up to Caberfae sometime maybe next week but we're headed to the land of snow, snow, and more snow in a couple of weeks!!! We're just in the base of the thumb and I'm sick of rain and sunshine!:

Hope someone can help you. I've heard some wonderful things about the Fischer RX8.

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How long have you been skiing?

I don't know Michigan for skiing, what are the runs like?
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Originally Posted by Wear The Fox Hat View Post
How long have you been skiing?

I don't know Michigan for skiing, what are the runs like?
This will be my third year, i.e. if it snows here or gets cold enough for snow making. I just got back from Hawaii today and I am kind of confused with the weather here. It is Jan already and we haven't got any snow yet... it is also my jet lag that is lending to my blurriness.

In the past two years, I have skied at the local southeast Michigan ski places which are not bad groomers. I have skied at Mt.Holly, Pine Knob, Alpine Valley and Mt.Brighton... I like the first three, the fourth one is like a big fat pimple... pretty ugly actually. I like Pine Knob and Mt.Holly because they are more powdery, but they are a longer ride for me so I often end up at Alpine Valley which is pretty decent, esp for someone like me who is just about an interm skier. There are some really nice ski resorts if you travel a few hours up-north. The Boyne hills are rated pretty high here. I plan to go there this year so let's see. I have also heard good things about Nub's Nob and Crystal Mountain.

Coming to my gear dilemna - I have been reading up on Fischer RX6, and they seem to be pretty good skis. I wonder if 165s are my size or if I should stick to 160s. As I mentioned in my original post, I owned the Rossi Axiums 170s for one season and found them very long and not responsive at all. I wonder if it was the skis or the size. I 'test drove' Atomics (sorry for not being more precise on the model) size 162 last year and loved the responsiveness. Again, it could be a combination of good skis and shorter size. I would love to rent some skis and try them out before I buy them but the local ski places have very little choice. I am off for the rest of the week, so I might go visit the local Boyne store to get some suggestions from them as well.. meanwhile, I would appreciate any feedback from this forum.
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DEMO a couple of different pairs in different sizes. 160-169 might be OK for your weight & height, but try them out. Do not be afraid of the more "advanced" skis (just stay away from the race skis unless you actually plan to race), you will actually be amazed at the difference in your skiing by upgrading your ski.

My skis have a 18mm sidecut, and they don't turn quickly, so pay attention to the turn radius & side cut. I have no opinion on any specific models, sorry. I ski mostly the on the west coast.
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The Atomic M:9 would be a nice ski for your area and ability. The Metrons are normally skied quite short, so a 162 would be fine. RX6 would also be a very good turning and ice ski. Again a 165 should suit you well there. Just so I can say it first, boots should be your highest priority.

Hope you guys get some snow soon. I know Trekchick is missing the winter weather. Her company is supposed to be plowing this time of year.
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Oh, I got a great pair of boots... the most comfortable ones for my feet.

I really like the FX6 and the Metrons don't seem like a bad option either.
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