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Crowd Avoidance President's week in NE

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My son's school system changed their vacation schedule this year. Used to be we had a nice, completely uncrowded, non-vacation-rate-week in mid March to ramble around New England, NY and CAN. Now we are tied into President's day week like 99% of the other towns in the Northeast.

My thinking - right or wrong?

I'm thinking about heading out to Saddleback and Sugarloaf in Maine to, hopefully, avoid crowds and save money. I've never been to Saddleback and always wanted to try it.

From there, we would take a day off and drive up to Quebec, skiing at Le Massif and Mt. St. Anne. I noticed, looking at Le Massif lodging that the rates are standard, as opposed to "holiday" at that time.

Then we would probably hit Jay or Burke for a day to break up a long drive home to CT.

So assuming there will be snow by then, does this sound like a plan that will 1, facilitate crowd avoidance, and, 2, save me some $$?

What do ya think?
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The "assuming there's snow" is the big one. I would suggest Berkshire East in Charlemont, MA. Rarely gets very crowded and is not expensive. Good mountain. Only 1,000 vertical feet, but a lot of terrain, some very challenging, some easy. A hidden jewel!
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I was thinking of doing almost the exact same trip for the February vacation week. There will definitely be crowds at Sugarloaf-better than other places, but it is still vacation week. The lifts are slow at Saddleback so I am not sure how that will affect lines there on vacation week-good place to visit though.
I really hope to make Le Massif.
Here is a potential $$$ saving tip-if you go to Wildcat in NH on Sunday, skiing is only $20 from 12 on. They have a full mountain high speed lift so you can get in plenty of skiing. Go to Guest services before 3:30 and you can get a full day ticket for Monday for $29-this offer is not blacked out. You can then drive across route 2 into Maine towards Saddleback.

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Last year Le Massif and MSA were basically empty during President's week. We skied 2 days at each and I recall only about 5 lift lines longer than a minute or two; those were at the gondola at MSA. Otherwise it was basically ski on to the lifts, or wait just enough to regroup and catch your breath. I think Canadian school vacations are the first week of March; you might email the resorts to confirm. So at least for the Canadian destinations you've got a good plan, if it follows last year's pattern.
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When I read the post title...."avoiding crowds President's Day in NE" my first thought was this is the Northeast in 2006....he must mean GOLF!!!
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Let's hope 2007 is better than 2006 snow-wise!

ts01, Thanks for the info on the Quebec areas. School vacations are in March up there and also in Ontario. So barring aforementioned lack of snow - it looks like a go.

Maineac, Let's get together and make some turns up there.
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Sure send me a pm when you think you might be heading up my way-wildcat is the mountain I hope to ski the most this year if we ever get some snow
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