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I skied at Sugarloaf/USA yesterday and I must was darn good.

For anyone in the East looking for dependable snow coverage and a lot of vertical, Sugarloaf has got it. Limited trail selection, however what is open is very well covered and will include about 2,000 feet of vertical each run off the SuperQuad lift. Some ice is evident but you could always find the snow on the trail, easily. They have enough of the mountain open so that it is dispersing the crowd to be spread out.

10 lifts operating and upwards of 40 named trails open. Not bad considering the lack of snow here in the East. The terrain is a lot of fun including bumps (soft), groomers and rollers not to mention lots of steep.

Cudos to the snowmakers and groomers at Sugarloaf.
The skiing is darn good.

This post is intended for the Eastern (US) skiers who are feeling the lack of snow syndrome. Sure, it's a long drive to Sugarloaf but they have a ton of turns there. Enough to get the burn going, for sure!!
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Anyone up at the Loaf today who can report on conditions? Can anyone report on today's conditions at Sunday River? My guess is that the rain we had down in the Portland area reached those mountains.
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I left Sugarloaf area yesterday around noon, haven't skied since our car was acting weird, so we decided to head home earlier. There was some freezing rain in the morning, nothing spectacular, but I am sure it iced up the hill. Skiing was awsome the whole weekend through, we started on Friday and it just got better each day! I am sure the conditions are still good, grooming does wonders!
Sugarloaf is as far it gets in NE, but it is worth every minute spent in a car.
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Vrcka.... Isn't it amazing what they can do at that mountain??
I skied there Saturday and the skiing in the morning was fantastic.

How are the other New England areas doing??
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I only skied Killington besides Sugarloaf this year (2 weeks ago) and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised with open terrain and quality of the snow considering everything that's happening with the weather. My friends skied Kmart last weekend and said that Sunday was awsome with some new snow.
One thing I wanted to mention is Saddleback Mountain. We drove up there Saturday just to see what it looks like and I absolutely loved it. It is smaller than Sugarloaf, of course, but it has great potential, space for expansion and very good feeling about it. The brand new base lodge is nice, the pub is good and lift tickets were only $40 for a day, $30 for half a day. They had 18 trails open and from what I saw skiing was great. I wish we had our skis with us...
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vrcka.....I have skied Saddleback several times. Not this year, yet. It is a beautiful mountain with nice cruising terrain and scenery. New owners are investing huge money into the mountain. You saw the new lodge. They also put in a new trail and lift area that caters to the beginners. Real nice. That's only the beginning. (More) new trails are approved as is a new lift. The mountain is part of the Appalachian Trail, so expansion does not come easy. 2,000 vertical feet. It is family owned and they are doing everything right. They deserve a lot of credit. The mountain gives a real laid back feel and it should be on all New England's must ski list.
Give it a try when we get some snow. You'll like it.
I should mention the expansion includes real estate and hotel at the base. And, I have yet to see a lift line!!
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