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A epicski glossary?

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There are a lot of ski terms tossed around everyday and I admit that I dont know the first thing about "releasing my edges" or what 'rotary' means, apart form these things that the majority of massachusetts seems to have no clue as to how to to drive in

Mods and the powers that be, Could you make a sticky, where knowldgeable folk could add a few terms at a time, say over the next 2-3 weeks?.. I will volunteer to collect and arrange the information into one post/thread.
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eh... title should read "an epicski glossary" this is what happens when you change thread titles a few times..
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A good resource titled The Complete Encyclopedia of Skiing and be found here for a very reasonable $10.
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cool.. thanks for the link
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um, it's in the works, and has been held hostage due my work schedule during the holidays.
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