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I'm really having trouble finding new boots! HELP

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(originally posted in the "ask bergeron" thread but he hasn't posted in over a month and my boots are so done... need new ones ASAP


Stats: I am a 25 y/o 5'9.5" 150lbs skier. Foot is med-wide forefoot (c-d), high instep, med-narrow heel.

Current gear: Nordica Beast (original shopboot from 02-03 /w boosters and orthotics (120 flex)) Garmont G-Ride G-Fit 26.5 (modified with boosters and Flexon Race tongues, to be replaced by MegaRides), Volkl P60 190 GS (P12), Volant Spatulas 186 (P12), Volkl Gotama 183 (NX21), K2 PE 179 (P12ti), BD Havoc 173 (TLT comforts)

Skiing type: I put in about 110+ days a year, 60+% OB/touring 40% in area (85% "off piste" 15% groomed) around SuCo. I am skiing... everything. Steeper the deeper the bigger the better. When touring I'm going for chutes

My ski tips

That's a small one. I don't like to go bigger than 30.

But most of all, going for powder.

Inbounds, I'm going after powder followed by trees, bumps, and rocks. Of course, I have some 190 GS sticks for fun speed when night skiing, but rarely am I on anything thinner than 85mm underfoot. On occaision I'll invert or spin but it's not that common.

Touring Boots: For touring I try to use my alpine boots unless it is something more than a short (more than 2500 vert, more than 3 miles, or requires walking on rocks) because I hate te low cut soft AT boots that deform my calves when tightened sufficiently (and they are still soft and unsupportive). I'm thinking of switching to Megarides for dynafit compatibility and possibly adding intuition liners and dalbello krypton stiff tongues instead of the now broken raichle tongues.

Alpine: The Beasts have about 400 days on them. They are sloppy inside now, especially in the heel and ankle. They were a great fit after the first 20 days of forefoot pain. I never needed to buckle anything but the two cuff buckles and the power strap (which I replaced with a booster strap when the stock ran out). I've replaced the heel piece 2X and it needs a third replacement now (in other words I use my boots a long time). I love the high cuff, tongue wedge spoiler, and progressive flex. The only downside is that they are beasts (they weigh 13lbs for the pair).

Alpine Boots Tried:

Dalbello Krypton Cross 25.5 fit seemed OK, softer than snot

Dalbello Krypton Pro 26.5... the 26.5 was too damned big and nobody seems to have this in a 25.5 to try

Lange Freeride 120 - Way too damned narrow

Lange Fluid 120 - ? maybe I should try this

Nordica Beast 12 (low cuff, dead flex, crappy flex)

Nordica Hot Rod Top Fuel in a 25 and love it except for some instep pressure and it is insanely stiff compared to my Beasts. I tried the softer version and it was perfect flex. Fit seemed very good apart from the instep.

Nordica Speed Machine 14... might be very nice in a 25.5... tried a Speed Machine 10 in a 25.5 and it fit kind of OK... it seemed too short with ankle pain... but the 26.5 14 i tried seemed too long in the shell!

Salomon X-Wave 10 - 25.5 (bad instep pain, good flex)

Salomon Falcon 10 - 26.0 I *WISH* this boot fit because it is awesomely light and while softer than my current boots, it is tolerably so. It has pain on the interior ankle bones (posterior half).. slight when neutral and bighting when pressuring the front of the boot. Otherwise fit was very good I think.

Technica Diablo Magma (bad instep pain, low cuff, crappy flex)

HELP ALREADY! Is there anything else I should be trying on? (Or doing?)
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I am no expert, but based on how you described your foot, it seems similar to mine. I have researched and researched the subject and maybe, just maybe Head S13. It is stiff(flex 120-110), but you can soften it to 110 and should work for you as you are 150 lbs. Last is 100mm wide with great ability to customize. It is more upward stance than Diablo Magma, it has higher instep volume compared to Magma, however so is the shaft higher volume to acomodate a slightly larger calves. Now this is all from what I have read from variuos different sources. No idea how they feel. Head S11 based on reviews maybe just a little too soft for your level, but very similar to S13. S11s come with 103mm last, however Head's FCS system is available for about $30 and should bring it down to 100mm.
Just search it a bit and see what you think.
My feet are 265-268mm, C wide, with what appears a slightly higher instep and I did try Diablo Magma, with initialy developing a pressure point over my instep. Did not have them on long enough on to see would it actually develop into pain. Sounds similar to your case. I am a little hevier than you, 178Lbs, 5'9", but a ski level ot two below your. I am having numbness issues with my Crossmax 10 boots and looking for a replacement. That is where I ran into Head s13,11 as being described a higher instep volume boot.
Now, I know nothing, I am no expert, I just passed to you what I read on the net. If you are intrested I can provide some links.
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Your foot is very similar to mine.

Try to find

Salomon Pro Model.
Salomon Pro Model SC
Salomon Pro Model 1080 Gun

As to the other boots mentioned that had a good fit but caused arch pain.
Have you thought about custom foot beds?
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I'd suggest a look at the Nordica Hot Rod Nitrous boot. Its basically like a Dobermann plug, but with more of a freeride stance and flex. Medium thorughout, it will accomodate your forefoot with minor punches or grinds, and your medium to high instep. I wouldn't want to do a lot of hiking in it, and I have a pair of Adrenalins for that anyway. Good luck in your search.
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