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Originally Posted by BushwackerinPA View Post
stuff feel different when your on 105 mm waisted skis
I was on a 94mm waisted ski. : (see thread title)

BTW: I got the best powder on Sunday at Alta. Hit a few things right as patrol opened them.(TR by dogwonder onTGR ...)
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Originally Posted by unpossible View Post
For those with the 06-07 Mantra (the red ones), is your top sheet glossy or matte? My 177's are matte, but I was at an REI today and noticed that the last pair they had left had a somewhat glossy top sheet alteast compared to mine. I'm wondering if this is something to be worried about. Thanks.
Mine were nice and glossy, but now I've skied about 10 days on them so they're a bit scratched up
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I just got done skiing on my new 06-07 177 Mantra's (Salomon Z12 bindings) for for the first time at DV and PCMR for 5 days, so I thought I would pile onto this thread with my 'review'...

Conditions varied from packed powder to man made (see my trip report for more details of the conditions). There was a small accumulation on the last day but no real powder to ski on. The skis handled everything the mountains could throw at them better than I could have imagined. These were the types of conditions that I was concerned with when purchasing them.

I found them very responsive at speed, especially on the groomers. I was able to make tight and wide turns with ease and never felt like the skis were holding me back in terms of speed, and I never felt out of control or unsafe. They did get a little chattery at speed on some of the very hard pack/ice conditions, it was tolerable though. They were also surprisingly fun in the bumps, it took a little adjustment in terms of style though.

While tearing up the steep groomers at PCMR, I ran into (not literally) a guy riding the same skis (who oddly was also from the bay area). We immediately started discussing the skis and ended up taking a few runs together. Our feelings about the ski were pretty similar. He was riding 177s as well (we were of similar height), he said he was previously on a 170 from last year but he sold them in favor of this years. He said he liked the 177s a lot better.

I look forward to logging more time on these skis and can't wait to take them out on a Powder day.
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Moving the binding had a wonderful effect!

Originally Posted by michaelsnead View Post
Hi Folks,

Count me as another person without enough superlatives to describe this ski. I’m coming off an ancient pair of Volkl Explosives at 190cm as my fat ski. I also own a pair of 177cm Volkl Karmas and the Volkl Allstars in 168cm. So I thought I had plumbed the depths of wonderfulness regarding this company’s ability to produce outstanding skis. Au contraire mon ami, (Question: Is it inappropriate to make a lame attempt at sophistication by using a French phrase in discussing a German ski? Does the fact that K2 now owns Volkl color the issue? Oh well…these deep questions are beyond me!) these skis are at a new level.

I skied a few runs last winter on the black 2005-2006 Mantras and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I only have two days on my new red Mantras so I’m still in the infatuation stage. However I can see this relationship moving on to the “I don’t want to go skiing unless I can use these skis” phase. The biggest surprise for me was how well they handled bumps. The bumps were covered in 4 inches of two day old powder and hard underneath. They were a foot to 18 inches deep and closely spaced. The Mantras went from arcing GS turns in cut up powder to slicing and dicing these bumps without a second’s hesitation. I was just along for the ride as this impressive ski demonstrated incredible versatility. On the feet of a skilled skier it would be amazing to see what these babies could do.

The bindings I chose can be moved 3cm forward or backward. I mounted them with the mid-point mark on the boot at the company indicated mark on the ski. That is the configuration when the binding is in the forward position. Therefore when I move the binding to its rearmost position I’ll have the mid-point mark on the boot 3cm behind the company indicated mark on the ski. I’ll use this position when the snow is very deep or very unkind in its composition. I’ll report back how this ability to move the bindings affects the performance of the skis.

Normally I hate marketing hype but the tag line on this ski seems to be true. “If you don’t like the Mantras, it’s probably because you haven’t tried them”

Thanks for letting me rant. I hope you all enjoy the New Year!


Hi Folks,

I said I would report back when I had experience with how the ability to move the bindings affected the performance of the skis. My experience can best be summed up in a word – WOW!

Up until last Sunday I’d only used the skis in boot top powder, powder bumps or corduroy. Each time I had the binding adjusted all the way forward so that the mid-point mark on the boot aligned with the mounting mark on the ski. In that configuration I loved how quick the ski was for its width and how it railed turns on firm snow.

However, last Sunday I was in mid-calf to knee deep, mostly cut up, somewhat heavy powder. Given the year we’ve had so far in the Tahoe area of California it was great skiing conditions and the deepest powder I’ve seen all season. I skied a few hours with the bindings in the previously described configuration. I liked the way the ski turned but I constantly felt like I was going to go “Over The Bars” if I stood square in the center of ski. Hence I was weighting my heels, burning my thighs and feeling like I’d forgotten how to ski powder. Therefore I took a hot chocolate break and moved the binding to its rearmost position. That put the mid-point mark on the boot 3cm behind the mounting mark on the ski.

Now we come to that WOW moment. I found I could stand in the center of the ski and never have a concern about going “OTB”. Interestingly it felt like the ski was just as quick in turn initiation. The bottom line was powder bliss. Suddenly I was a hero again! Well as much of a “hero” as a hacker like me can ever aspire to. I started having loads-o-fun which is the ultimate point of the exercise in the first place.

Conclusion: If you’re mounting these skis with fixed bindings I’d suggest mounting them so that the mid-point mark on the boot is at least 1.5-2cm behind the mounting mark on the ski. However, if you’re using the Tyrolia Railflex II or a similar binding I’d mount it exactly as I did so you have the benefits of both binding positions.

Whichever way you mount them I hope you enjoy these skis at least half as much as I have!


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