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Sunshine Village-Dec 27-28th Fresh Pow!

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Well it has taken me a bit long to write up the report because the night I got back I got walloped by the flu. Could be worse....at least it waited until I did get back!

December 27th, 2006

I left Calgary early to catch 9.0cm that fell overnight at Sunshine. The drive was foggy when leaving and a bit of a white knuckle drive from Canmore to the Sunshine turnoff. Crowds were delayed after I went through due to an accident on Highway 1. I was wondering where everyone was all morning.

It looked cloudy up top but it turned out to be just valley cloud and everthing cleared up just past the Angel midpoint.

Around 10:00am you could see some pretty dark clouds appoaching and latter on I would be informed of a weather alert being issued for southern Alberta again.

In the early afternoon it started snowing quite hard and wasn't letting up.
For those not familiar with The Griz it is a Fernie legend that bestows snow on the Fernie resort.
Apparently he was hanging out in Banff for Christmas. Note the "somewhat" reduced visability.

I skied out around 3:00PM and here are a few shots on the way out:

I placed a call to my wife to see if she would book me in on the internet for a place in Canmore overnight......turned out to be a GREAT call!

December 28th, 2006

I woke up early (duh!) and checked my phone for the Sunshine ski report.
I was elated to find 19.0cm had dumped overnight. As an added bonus I looked out the window to see clear sky.

I got up Angel and went straight to Brewster to catch the first chair. While in line I started talking with another guy and we agreed to ski together as we were both skiing single...."no friends on a powder day".
Here is a shot of the view from the official "first chair".....not including the patrollers and area employees of course.

Larry is another "mature" skier like myself and likes to ski VERY fast.
It was hard keeping up most of the time....mostly when we were booting it back on the groomed portions to get the next chair up before the powder got cut up.

The best part for me was getting a chance to be behind the camera for a change as we alternated with the Canon.

Here is a video of the conditions in ByeBye Bowl.

By 10:00 am is was all over but the crying as heavy holiday traffic started to have it's affect.

We then took off to Standish and later to my favorite pow stash on Wawa.

Here is a shot of my newest ski buddy on Standish with the cut up Brewster pow in the background.

I skied out at 11:00 in order to get back to Calgary early.
I couldn't believe the traffic coming up the Sunshine road.
I have never seen it that bad and pictures wouldn't do it justice.
All in all a great trip and fantastic conditions for this time of year.
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Nicely done Deemo

A genuine TR with pics and fresh snow. Please be sure to send some fresh our direction soon.
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