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First impression: M:B5 172CM

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Just wanted to add some notes on the Atomic Metron B5. I discovered this ski at a demo day early this season. The B5 really WOWed me and since I ahve been dissapointed in my SX10s I decided to do the right thing and buy a pair.

Here is alink to a thread with my fist review from the demo day http://forums.epicski.com/showthread.php?t=48553

Skier level: 8 or 9 IDK... Age: 28 Weight: 215 lb Height: 5”10”
Other skis I have used / liked: Atomic SX10, Nordica Beast Limited, Volkl T50 5 Star (2003), Fischer Big Stix 7.6 & 8.0, Dynastar 8000

I never hand flexed the ski during the demo and I was very surprised how soft flexing (longitudinally) the 2006 MB5 was. The skis themselves looked freshly tuned from ebay. I liked the fact that the structure was very corse and cross hatched... This made a huge diffrence in the soft wet snow the day had in store. The edges were not tuned the way I like them though. I think they were 1/1 or something like that. I usually prefer 1/3... But I will have that fixed all too soon.

Once I got skiing on them I had a hard time getting dialed in on the 172. The 162s I demoed were instantly "working" from my first moments on them. However once I realized that the skis wanted a skier to be more agressively forward and started pressuring the tips more... Well I had just as much fun as I did on the 162s. The ski is much more versatile then the SX10 in terms of its nongroomed performance, it holds on ice just as well, and is more stable at speed. It can do swooping GS turns just fine on ice (without skidding). It also rocks in the bumps (a big surprise). Overall, I am thrilled with this ski. To be sure I feel like a much better skier on these boards.

My Current quiver was:

188CM Nordica Beast Limited
175CM Fischer Bigstix 7.6
170CM Atomic SX10

It looks like the MB5 will be an upgrade to both my Carver and Midfat skis so from this point forward the active quiver will be:

188CM Nordica Beast Limited
172CM Atomic MB5

Selling off those two will cover the cost of the B5s so it all works out nicely. Happy New Year!
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Nice to hear! Gotta love the B5...
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Tomano: Your conclusions closely mirror my own.

I'm 6'1", 200 lbs, and went with the 172 over the 162 for the same reasons. The 172 was more amenable to long turns, as well as tight arcs.

Once you learn what the ski wants (or if your style is a natural fit), no ski is as much fun as the B:5. The jet-propulsion thrust you feel out of each turn is unique to the Metron B:5.

Congrats on a great choice!
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Follow up review:

After skiing the B:5 for a few more days I want to elaborate on my earlier thread. We finally have gotten some natural snow in west PA and I have finally gotten to ride the B5s in a variety of conditions to test their versatility.

Long turns: The physicists here tell me that I cannot cave a turn longer than 13M on these things. Well maybe not, but they still hold an edge and go really fast. Very stable at speed.

Bumps: If I were skiing UT or Co bumps right now I might like a traditional midfat better in bumps. But I am where I am and I like the B5 in bumps. Mid Atlantic bumps are carved into the depths of our icy, dense man, made snow. The torsionally rigidity gives alot of speed control in dense snow. The snort turn radius makes negotiating the tight lines easier on edge. I can skarve turns on these that on other skis I might have to skid. My bump turns are getting more S shaped and less Z shaped. However the width of the shovels does tend to get in the way some times. The only falls I have taken on these skis were in bumps when I was not paying attention and the tips got too close together and interfered with each other. Other than this single problem the are a good bump ski.

Soft Snow: We don't get bottomless powder around here. The B5s fat tip helps them float well on what we do get. More float than my Fischer BigStix 7.6 less than the Nordica Beasts. Better than expected.

CruD: The skis performed admirably in variable conditions. The torsionally stiffness lets them cut through denser layers of wind slab when carved on edge. Surprisingly stable and predictable in soft snow piles and when transitioning from ice to soft snow and back.

The ski worked very well in brushy glades. The ski went right over or through the short pencil thick sticks. The short radius also helped keep things turning when the ski bottomed out.
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This sort of dove tails into the thread on sprial fractures in the main forums. Allow me to elaborate on two pairs of skis I have:

175CM Fischer Bigstix 7.6 115-76-100 R=18M

172CM Atomic Metron B5 131-76-115 R=12M

After buying the metrons I was sure the fischers were on their way out of my quiver, too much overlap. But after I left the metrons at the condo before my week long UT trip in early January. But I was forced to give the fischers a second look on the road and was very impressed with them once again. The Fishers are an midfat of the 2004 vintage. They are lightweight, snappy graphite core skis. They are less ski than the Metrons, less torsionally stiff, cannot handle as much speed on icy crud or hardpack.

However on soft snow the metrons advantages are nto as noticeable and the fischers seem to hold their own and in some cases are superior. Their strength is in the high level of snow feel, ease of use, and predictability. If were not on my game or if I wanted a relaxing day I would definitely take the fishers out. They are also great for exploring becuase they are so light. I may end up putting some AT bindings on them.
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I moved the Metrons to the forward mounting position. It took 2 runs to get re-dialed in. I like them even better this way. The tips engage even more smoothly and predictably with just the slightest ankle roll. I no longer need to drive forward quite so much. They feel even more stable at speed. Rip even harder in variable conditions.

The Fischers are being converted into AT setup. My Freeride+ are on the way.
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I ski mine in the "forward" position as well. They really proved their worth the other night in the ice/crud/manmade mix that I was in. I was even able to have fun in the bumps! I switched to my old skis to test some wax, and really got beat up in the conditions.

6', 195 pounds

172 Metron B5, Forward.
180 Blizzard SC20
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