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Fischer RX8

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I want to thank all who encouraged me to buy RX8, 170 (I am level 6 skier, 185 pounds). Finally, I had the chance to test them this week at a PA ski resort.
I couldn't believe the difference b/w my old Rossi Cobra and RX8. I skied my Bandits for about 1.5h then switched to RX8- they were more stable, did not skid on ice at all, were great in 10 inches of soft snow from last night. I had the feeling that I am able to make really short turns. Before I got RX8, I did not really believe that skis make a difference for those who want to improve. I was wrong- I feel more confident with those skis and feel that I will improve my skills a lot.
I just came back from Windham, NY, skied double diamonds with no problem at all. RX8 helped me handle big bumps and soft snow and I did not fall down even once.

I would recommend RX8 to any skier level 6 and up.
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Glad you like 'em

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Originally Posted by barrettscv View Post
Glad you like 'em


Have many great times ahead with them .
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