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Boot Flex Softenning

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I am a 150 pound, level seven crowding eight skier, with Narrow A-B width feet. Currently in Tecnica Carbon foam, with a foam tongue as well, with the softer cuffs, and the side slits deepened 5/8". They seem about right now, though I am a shell size bigger than I believe best, and I'm thinking of changing liners as well... (cold and one side is ;deflating)

My question is; if I pick up a pair of 'XT's would I be able to soften them enough by deepening the side slits, that they would be pleasant. OR is there a better avenue I should be travelling. I want to all mountain, not just locked into groomers, due to too stiff.
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You need to contact sywsyw...Jamie has done this and has a very detailed post here on epic on his process and results. Sorry, I didn't search for it for you but it's a good exercise.
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