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T.R. Report Powder pountain (pics)

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First Trip to Pow Mow to ride the new HS Quad. Bluebird conditions and fresh (one day old) snow. Huge crowds - it's a holiday week and PM personnel did not seem ready to handle it. No rope lines at the new quad and bad traffic jams trying to load. No singles line etc. I must admit I have never seen that many people at PM in the last 20 years. Hopefully they will get it together in time for Pres. weekend! The Snow and the Mountain were as awesome as ever! Here are some shots.

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More please?????
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I think your links need a little more attention. looks good though. I'm really getting excited to come out to the SLC area this thursday.
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Steelman, Please post copious amounts of photos! I will be hanging my hat with the wife and kids in Eden for a week as of 2/20 and plan on spending 5 or 6 days between PowMow and Snowbasin. I've been to LCC several times but this is my first venture north of there.

I'm praying for just one day of epic untracked pow. So far I have been diligently studying the brown snowless terrrain in 3D via Google Earth, but it just looks so funky without snow. Show me the goods Steelman!
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Here are the other pics. My 7 year old son tearing it up, hiking for turns and just some other stuff!
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Hey, that little guy is crankin! Does look a little bit thin in that picture though, but very nice photos.
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Yes both Powder Mountain and Snowbasin need more snow but being able to get in 15 days before New Years doesnt suck. My skis are hammered and will go back into the shop for tuning this week. The slope my son is skiing on faces South and had about 6 inches of new on it. Some of the north facing aspects were really good that day. Crowds are bigger than I have ever seen at both places but when the holidays are over it will get back to normal around here. Steel:
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Great Pictures! Where did you stay, and how did you like it?
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Originally Posted by stewball View Post
Great Pictures! Where did you stay, and how did you like it?
He probably stayed in his house.
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Yeah we live in Ogden and have Seasons Passes to Snowbasin. My daughter gets 3 free passes to every ski resort in Utah through SkiUtah. They do this for students in the 5th grade so they will drag their parents out to new places to ski so that is why we went to Powder Mountain. We had a great day. We are supposed to get some more snow on Thur. and Fri. this week and we really need it. I will post some Snowbasin shots soon.
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Skied PM on New Years day. Crowds were not as bad as they could have been. Coverage could be a lot better. I honestly can't wait untill PM gets a good pounding. My Chiefs are gathering dust.
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First trip to Powder Mountain - tomorrow!

We will be skiing in Utah for the first time ever, arriving Friday (1/5). Are staying at the Powder Mountain condos, looking forward to having the freedom to come and go at will. Heard there is snow in the forecast for today...praying it is true! Skiing on the extinct garbage dumps in Wisconsin just doesn't cut it!
Love the photos...Thanks!!!!!
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