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Ski Resorts in Afganistan

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Now I want everyone to think seriously about this.

They have the mountains. Most of Afganistan is above 5000' with mountains going as high as 24,000' about twice as high as any in Colorado.

They get snow, lots and lots of snow with very long winters, and maybe some excellent spring skiing.

They are poor so labor is now cheap.

They will need some post war economic recovery stimulis, so rich Europeans, Americans, and Canadians would come to see where the war was. There could even be side trips to the "Caves of Al Qeada."

Not to mention the seminars on Islamic indoctrination and cultural awareness.It could be a rather quaint and educational experience along with providing some hard currancy to a recovering country.

Of course to build a ski resort in the mountains wouldn't be easy, but I think some suitable slopes could be created. For back country skiing, you could be taken there on horse back.

Now how many ski aras in the world is it possible to go horseback riding and skiing on the same day, on the same mountain ?

Some drawbacks:
1.Location-hard to get to in the middle of a large continent, and not near anything else worth seeing except the tours as given above.

2. You better behave yourself because there will be no consumption of alcohol, premartial or adulterous sex, and no eating of meat.

3.Ladies, if you aren't wearing your ski masks or neck gaitors so they cover most of your face, then it is veils as the new standard of dress.

4. Ladies,your modified Bogner ski outfit will look more like a tent, and be in a shade of powder blue.

5. Only the men will be allowed to take ski lessons.

But I think it can be done, and who knows, maybe the 2022 Winter Olympic Games will be held in Kabul, Afganistan.
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Last time someone built them a sporting facility it turned into an arena for executions. Just imagine what they could do with a high speed quad. Ugh.
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Pamir range is quite beautiful and unexplored region. About 12 years ago when I was in college (back in Soviet Union) our ski team had a camp in the former Soviet Union Republic of Tajikistan for two years (then the war broke out there....). The place we skied at was about 30 miles from the border with Afghanistan (so I think it is close enough to qualify for the topic). The base lodge (with some resemblance of a motel) was at 8000 ft above see level and there were two T-bars and a tow-rope one after the other going up about 3000 vertical feet total.
At any given weekday there were 30 people from our team, 30 people from another college team and about 40 locals (plus maybe another 100 locals on a weekend) for the whole place. The skiable area was situated in a bowl so there was rarely any wind. You could ski in a swim-suit and that was beginning of January.
We would run gates in the morning and go ski powder in the afternoon. Any run I could go all the way up, traverse the top of the bowl and find a place were I would not see any tracks around, leave alone crossing them.
I have no idea what happened to that place and if there is anything there now.
I have some pictures from those trips left somewhere - rather poor quality - that I can scan (and probably do some digital processing to get the best out of them) if there is interest....


EDIT: Surprized the post survived that long without some wisecracks from spelling police

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Would be very interested in singing those pictures if you have the time!
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Really would like to see those pictures VK.
Photoshop could help. :
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Other drawbacks:

-- If you cut a rope patrol won't pull your ticket, they will chop off a hand!

-- Skiers will randomly get blown sky high by one of the millions of landmines left over from the war with the Soviet Union.

-- Camel powered chairlifts just aren't the same as high speed quads.

-- Lots of beards = lots of snot-cicles


-- The on-mountain bar scene will be a lot like the bar scene in the first Star Wars.

-- When all the women are covered up like that, you can imagine that they are all stunners!

-- For avalanche control all skiers will be provided with complimentary grenades.

-- It will be legal to simply shoot snowboarders on sight!

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It will be difficult to convince the target group that heli skiing is safe.
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Ok, I finally scanned those pictures in. I had to reprint those from a 11 year old film - original prints were lost over the years - so there are alot of scratches. I did try using the photoshop to smooth the sky out on the first print - but then ran out of patience. Maybe some day.....

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Way kool VK [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Thanks VK
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Repost 2 pictures.
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Thanks for posting those pics.
Anybody up for some snowcat sking in Russian made APC's? I,m not sure I would want to heli ski in a Russian surpuse chopper.There was a report on the possibilties of fighting in the winter there.Part of the report said that in places they can get over 30 foot of snow.Now that is some deep powder.
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So the name of that ski area is, err, Camelback?
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