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Fischer RX6

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HI Epic,

In March of this year I posted a request for information about skis, and out of that decided on a set of Fischer RX6 in 170. I'm a 35 years old male; 6',0"; 210 pounds; started skiing in April of 2005. I've now had a chance to ski my RX6s on several occassions, and because last spring some folks requested I let them know what I thought, I decided to post this "review."

I'm going to admit that this will probably not be a very informative review, because the bottom line is that I'm happy with the skis -- it's all good -- but I am not really sure why. : Last year I was skiing Rossi Edge rentals (170s, too). I can say that the Fischers are definitely more responsive. Pressure them and they go. The word "fast" is taking on a new dimension for me. Not only am I skiing faster, but things are happening faster. I still fall, but I've fallen less this year than last year, and the majority (all?) of my falls so far this year have been during slow speed dawdling. Guess these skis like to be really ridden? : Does this really have anything to do with the skis? I don't know!

I played in some knee deep powder at Alyeska with them last week, and on the smoother slopes they did pretty well. (I had a ton of fun!) But again, this was my first experience with smooth, uncut powder on a moderate slope so take it with a grain of salt. I do suspect I'll be researching a wider ski for un-groomed deep stuff at some point. For groomers, though, I'm having a blast with the RX6.

Sorry that this is pretty much a subjective review. I don't have enough experience with skis (or skiing) to be very objective. So I'll guess I'll just leave it at this: Where I'm at, for what I'm doing, and with what I'm using -- it's leaving a big on my face!

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So I'll guess I'll just leave it at this: Where I'm at, for what I'm doing, and with what I'm using -- it's leaving a big on my face!
THIS is what skiing should be all about! Congratulations and enjoy your skis. The RX6 has a pretty good performance envvelope.
You did well to speak with Dawgcatching, who did you a real service by not trying to bump you up to a more expert ski.
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FWIW, Ski Canada, in this month's issue, gave the Fischer RX-6 its top score as a cruising ski saying, in part, that it has a huge range of performance that goes beyond the test's "cruising" category and that for a "rare change" all testers agreed when it came to evaluating the Fischer RX-6.

Sounds like you made a good choice.
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Glad to hear of your review.

I'm a new skier too, near the same measurements and age as you as well.

Today is 4 years since I learned to ski. I bought my first pair of skis last winter. The RX6 is great!

I feel like they turn themselves and they handle ice very well.
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NYCJIM, Glad to hear that it helped! And glad you like the "6", too.
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I bought a pair of 05/06 RX6 165cm over the summer to supplement my 04/05 Atomic SL:11 157cm that I've been skiing on for the last couple of years. I love the Atomics, but they were really not appropriate for the kind of skiing that I've been doing, which is mostly with my kids on green and blue slopes. I'm 35, 5'5" 145lbs, been skiing since I was 14, but took a 6 year hiatus from skiing. I only started up again 3 years ago, so I had to adjust to the whole short/shape skiing technique, but that went reasonably well.

I got an opportunity to try out the RX6s over the winter break, and although the snow conditions weren't optimal here in the east, I was left impressed by these intermediate skis. First thing I noticed is that they felt much lighter underfoot than my Atomics once you start skiing, in spite of the fact that they are probably within a couple of oz's in terms of actual weight. They also carved well and allowed me to skid by simply lessening the angulation (something which is only mildly tolerated by SL race skis). They made short to med turns well and felt pretty stable at speed. I also noticed that the skis had a far larger sweet spot than the Atomics, which needed to be ridden all the time.

So my initial impression of the skis are good, with a very wide envelope, probably from beginner/intermediate to expert. In fact I'm now questioning whether or not I'll take the Atomics out at all this winter...

Anybody know whether or not Fischer changed the ski this season? I've seen that the dimensions for the current 06/07 skis are different that what's printed on mine.
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