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Rossignol Radical

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Anyone ski it yet?
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I think Epic skied it last year and was impressed. Not my cup of ski, but I have never been a Rossi fan to start with.
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Originally Posted by Philpug View Post
Not my cup of ski, but I have never been a Rossi fan to start with.
Same here, but it looks really cool! I was just curious to see if those "power rods" really worked in changing the turning radius of the ski. It's almost like buying 2 skis for the price of one (I guess).
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do you mean the MUTIX?
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I will bawk again at the convenience store near my hill that sells the mutix.
Razors, soap, candy, beer, and the mutix. I used to tease this ski's technology without riding it, being very uptight about it. Now that I see it sold over-the-counter-style (and it's the only ski sold there) I just laugh.
I can only imagine why 7/11 would decide to sell skis, and only one type at that; the ski shops can't sell them and the convenience stores are getting a killer deal from the manufacturer.

wake up, buy a coffee and a newspaper, grab some pringles and your new set of mutix skis. The new ski that changes with the terrain. buy it now.
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seriously? at a convenience store?
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It's Japan. One never knows.

Heck, some places Mercedes makes delivery vans.
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Originally Posted by comprex View Post
Heck, some places Mercedes makes delivery vans.
and harleys make cop bikes.
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I reviewed it over in the review forum last year. I liked it a lot. The rod thingies were completely unobtrusive as long as you never looked down.
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I skied it last spring. It is a nice ski, but I was not blown away by any means. You can feel a bit of a difference when changing the rods, but it is a pain in the butt to always change those. There are a lot of other great skis out there at a lot cheaper of a price.
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I'd break them rods. I'm a hack... and all my ski damage (cosmetic) is right in front of the toe piece.

I agree with vtboy77, there are alot of other great skis out there for cheaper, and some are even really forgiving with large sweet spots that will crank out large and small radius turns. See Volkl, Atomic, Nordica. Traditional wood/vertical sidewall with modern laminates really goes a long way. Perhaps more so than rods, or hoakie Transformers where "There's more than meets the eye." Optimus Prime would be proud of these skis.
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