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Steamboat 29 Dec

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there are rocks and stumps, plenty of snow being blown and lots of groomers. I will be skiing Loveland and Summit next week .
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This is bad, I'll be out there from the 3rd through the 8th. Hopefully they get some snow in the next few days! Are the upper runs even open? I read a thing on their website about enjoying the groomers but seriously who actually wants miles of groomed runs?

Did it look like there was any chance of the no names and christmas tree bowl opening up soon?
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ridge is open, shadows and closet skiiable (with great care). I would not venture into christmass tree yet, last night brought light snow. I will either clean my condo, or take afew hardpack runs at Howlson today.
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chutes 1and 2 open BAD ROCKS STUMPS No name closed Xmas Bowl Closed N. St. Pat open and skiable. no weather pridicted for a few days.
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Steamboat Base


I'm thinking of coming to Steamboat at the end of Jan/ beginning of Feb.

What size of base does Steamboat need for the rocks and stumps to disappear?

My Rockies experience is limited to Telluride and there minimum is around 39".

Even though CO has been hit by some good storms the bases at most of the resorts (Silverton and Wolf Creek excluded) seem to be rather small.
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Weather predicted for Thurs 4- sat 6. at least an additional 10 is needed for expert stuff blues are covered now. Storms missed ski areas , loveland got some. I will be out skiing tomorow 4 Jan and will post honest report.
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Look forward to a "real" conditions post ali. I am leaving a week from today for the 'Boat. Be there through the 16th.
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Hmm?????, For those who are wondering, the Boat got 17" of snow this weekend and before that, although they had no powder, there were plenty of groomers in very good shape. Conditions as of today are incredible with another storm due this Thursday evening.
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steamboat update 9 Jan

West side thin, Rolex okay,not great but trees still stink, powder and Junk , Wally world okay, understand a 40 inch base is skiable but not great. I tried The valley views yesterday and they were thin but skiable. It is sunny at 9:11 and it will be in the high 20's today I plan for a few hours and will post again.
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9 jan
Last weeks storm brought 100 mph winds, I live 6/10 of a mile from gono;a base and had less then a foot on my car today was better, stom peak face hard, upper valley view hard, thin buit good, lower groomed as was West side, FEW people were in trees. I needed a edge job after skiing today but I will ski again tommorow. A good way is go to their site and track down insiders guide. Honest reports
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