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Alta or Squaw

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Planning a trip out west in early March '03. Everyone says Utah but I say Squaw Valley. Does Alta and Snowbird have the nice groomed intermediate runs?? I hear Heavenly is good for this and Squaw looks great with its wide open wilderness. Is wind often a problem at Squaw?? Generally I am looking for info on Lake Tahoe and Utah (Snowbird/Alta). I am expert, however, my girl needs groomed intermediate runs. Thanks and Happy Trails
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my suggestion:
stay at heavenly go to squaw at least 1 day to satisfy yourself. theres a boat that goes from s. lake tahoe to squaw.
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Squaw is the fourth best resort in the Tahoe area:

1. Alpine
2. Kirkwood
3. Sugar Bowl
4. Squaw

My $.02.
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Welcome to EpicSki! Good to see someone from Maine, I lived in Waterville for 4 years.

Squaw has the best advanced terrain in Tahoe, but not very good intermediate terrain (limited and crowded intermediate runs). And there is no credible way to apply the term "wilderness" to Squaw, but it is great skiing.

You probably want to stick with either the north shore or south shore of the lake, it is an hour to get from 1 to the other. My recommendation for intermediate skiing in Tahoe is:

North Shore: Northstar
South Shore: Heavenly

But if you want a blend of advanced and intermediate (more interesting for you, but not as good for your girlfriend).

North shore: Alpine Meadows
South shore: Kirkwood

As for Utah, Snowbird and Alta are more advanced, the next canyon over is Park City and Deer Valley which are more intermediate. Also, Park city is a MUCH better and more fun town than anything near Alta and Snowbird.

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