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Demo skis Steamboat?

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I just finished booking my first ever trip out west to Steamboat starting Jan 8th.

My functional quiver consists of 160 cm Atomic SL9s and a pair of 180cm Salomon GS skis. I love them both dearly but neither of them are "fat."

For the 15+ years I've skied on the East Coast I've always made race skis "work" in whatever conditions I've encountered. Deep powder has been a rare occurrence though I've always felt comfortable on my setups and enjoyed it. Last year at Phil's KMart Bump Fest ©, I used the SL9s for the morning in the moguls and was ridiculed (as I deserved to be) but had plenty of fun.

My plan is to take the Salomons out west then demo some more appropriate skis. I'll make an impulse purchase if what I demo convinces me the investment is worthwhile.

Any recommendations for demo shops in Steamboat Springs or better yet on the mountain?
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I have not lived there in a while, but Sports Stalker was right on Gondola Square. Ski Corp also did demos out of a yurt at the top of the Gondi.
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I just got back from the Boat. Sportsstalker in the Gondola Square does demo (and is a very nice shop) but the Yurt at the top of the Gondi is the most convenient. A couple weeks ago they had lots of Volkls, some Atomics, some Fischers, some K2's and some leftover 05/06 Metrons that they were trying to sell. I probably can't remember all they had.

$48.00 all day for as many skis as you cared to try. Up to two days demo costs could be applied to purchase price.

The ski shop in the Sheraton ( right next to a nice bar ) also had some good prices on leftover 05/06 stuff.
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Ski Kare on 5th And Lincoln, Has a good rental stock but unless the weather changes your boards will work , It is not a Powder year yet. You can expect to save 30 off mountain rental
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