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Tahoe conditions

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I skied Sugarbowl wednesday and Squaw thursday.

Sucks bigtime. Snow was good but tons of rocks and weeds all over.
I thought squaw would have been better - especially upper runs.
but they were pretty bad too. people were hitting rocks
and falling all over the place.

Tahoe needs another 3,4 feet of snow - at least.
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so, is it even worth it to go up?
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depends on what you are expecting. if you haven't skied at all this season - then sure its worth it. don't expect to bomb down any runs. plenty of rocks (hidden and visible) and weeds.

I would not spend mucho dinaro involving a multi-day hotel stay with family.
if you are going on a day trip - that's different.

Sugarbowl charged me a full $63 bucks and squaw $69 - that's ridiculous given that most runs are not open and the conditions of the ones that are open are sucky.
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