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Base Tape

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Guys, base tape is expensive. SVST here in Boise charges $7.00 for a roll of 50 yards. Does anyone have a cheaper solution? For example, a way of getting "brand X" base tape?


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Gorilla Tape. It sticks GREAT.
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Blue painters tape.
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Originally Posted by sjjohnston View Post
Blue painters tape.
that, and the gorilla tape, both strike me as inadequate because they both have too much adhesion, they'd leave residue behind on the base. i know the base tape is PVC, i'm going to snoop around and see if I can find out more.
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I haven't found a great substitute for the specialized base tape.

Here's what I use: https://www.artechski.com/Merchant2/...&Category_Code=

$6/roll and it lasts awhile.
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Originally Posted by bjtuna View Post
Does anyone have a cheaper solution?
Yeah, CH4, powdered, applied with fiberlene.

I've long thought that protecting the base from side edge filings by tape is a bad idea:
it risks throwing the base side of the tool off,
it's a messy compromise between the minimum adhesion required to stretch the tape to fit the sidecut and leaving residue
it's time-consuming to get the exact contour right
so I prefer to save the tape for side-edges and wax drips and for protecting the kick zone of 'waxless' xc skis from -wax-

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The whole purpose of blue painters' tape is that it doesn't have much adhesion or leave a residue. People stick it all over paint jobs and wallpaper that cost more than three pairs of skis and that they're planning on looking at for next 10 years.

There's also white artists' tape, but it's more expensive.
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I guess I forgot to mention how I use it. I completely agree with Comprex and use the tape the same way - to protect sections of the ski from work that's being done, but I generally never run it completely along the base of the ski (as shown in the Swix School videos).
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