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Cheap housing at Mammoth?

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I'm planning a trip to Mammoth (flying into Reno and driving) from Thur. 2/22 to Sat. 2/24 or Sun. 2/25. I think we'll probably have a group of 4 and are looking for as inexpensive as possible. It'll be all guys on the trip so we'd prefer to all have our own beds. Of course we'd love to be walking distance to the lifts but, unless there's something like Jackson Hole's Hostel X, I think that luxury will be cost prohibitive. If we have to drive to the base and park I don't really mind driving up to 25 minutes each way if it means saving considerable money. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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Good choice

See Prosper, I'm glad to see my research was confirmed!

BTW, Mammoth got a nice storm recently.

-- Wags (one of the other guys on this trip)
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Have a great trip.

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You can do a little better:

=$577 total.

Motel 6 2 rooms=$587 total
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Motel 6 = Gross

Try this http://www.mammoth-guest.com/

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A celebrity guest

Cool! A reply from Mammoth-Snowman himself. I didn't realize you were on this site. Somehow, I found your website (www.mammoth-snowman.com) when I was planning this trip. Your site is now on my favorites list. Love the video daily weather updates (yes, I'm a geek checking snowfall almost two months before my trip). Also, nice video to Collective Soul earlier this season. Hopefully there will be many more powder-video-worthy days soon.

Much as you would say... Wags... out!
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