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Teaching in France

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I have been invited to go to France with a club and teach for a few days this coming spring. We are trying to understand the requirements for a Club Instructor (Moniteur Federal) and how I might be able to do whatever is necessary for equivalence. Any experience, thoughts, or ideas?

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Don't know anything about the requirements, but be certain--absolutely certain--you have clearance to teach there and the club has permission to use its own coaching. France is extremely protective of its citizens' opportunity to earn.
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Steve, maybe asking this at Snowheads would get some more help with your question.
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Steve, there's an article by Nick Herrin, on page 38 of the Winter issue of TPS all about it. Goes over the legalities and the politics of it. Also a companion article by Chris Fellows about the French Ecole Nationale de Ski et d'Aplinisme (ENSA) which is the national school. Nick and Chris visited them while at the PSIA National Academy last spring in Chamonix, also a couple of Brits who own a ski school there who shed light on all the legalismo involved.

Short version: Pretty much a closed shop over there.

Looks like you need all of:
1. Level III as the only ISIA-accepted PSIA cert.
2. Right to work in the EU (ain't gonna happen for Americans unless you have Irish ancestry and thus can get yourself an Irish Passport under a right-of-return deal)
3. Euro Ski Pro certification through ENSA or through the national schools of Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, UK, Spain, Italy, or France.
4. Registering with the French Government Ministry of Sports.

And probably a lot more stuff.

The Brits, even though fully legal under all those rules, get pulled over by the ski cops all the time for "your papers please".
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Let's be clear that I'll not be "working" as an instructor. I will not be paid for my teaching. That's the difference between a "club instructor" (Moniteur Federal) and a ski instructor (Moniteur du Ski) as I understand it. I am working with some of the folks on snowHeads regarding this, as well, but thought that there might be some PSIA members with experience in this.

Thanks for your insights, though. I appreciate them!
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To be honest, i've never heard of any race coaches being booted off the slopes. If you have a formal coaching cert that should be ok I would reckon...Is it racing you are doing? If you are ski instructing...forget it employ someone else its not worth the potential hassle of going to the police station etc..
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I'm certainly not an expert on these issues. But I would say, as MarkXS :
To actualy teach skiing in france, for a living, on a regular basis, requires a complicated process. Especially for a non-EU citizen.
If you're graciously offering advices to a bunch of friends you happen to travel with... Things should be more relaxed maybe.
Ask the local DDJS ?
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