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colorado car pool

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fellow colorado skiers, wondering if anyone living in the denver area is interested in hitting breck keystone or abasin the next couple of days. my car won't make it. i'd pay for the gas ,and 2-3 people besides myself could stay at my condo. please call is intersted. 309 678 9596
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Poogo- I will not be able to go up again until Jan 2, but if you are free, pm me. I drove back from Keystone yesterday and it was an absolutely harrowing experience. I70 was closed so I went through Breck, over Hoosier Pass and across 285. Took me 6 hours of the most white knuckle driving in my life. The biggest problem was not the driving, it was the visibility. If I was smarter I would have taken Bob Barnes up on his offer to stay the night!
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poogo, post in Meet on the Hill when you'd like to go up. I'm sure you'll hook up with folks. Including me! I'm headed up on the 2nd and the 8th (current plan) and happy to have a passenger.
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