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Foot pain

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When I ski, the bottoms of my feet feel like they are being stabbed by a knife. Has anyone else ever had this problem?

Is there a solution? I tried custom footbeds, but it only seemed to make it worse (but I only tried them for a half a day). Any advice would be appreciated.
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How tight are you clamping down on your feet? With my footbeds, I don't even need to clamp.

Maybe you should try stretching the feet?

Are you active? how often do you ski?

Do you warm up?

Just a few thoughts.

My feet can feel some pain on the first few runs, especially when I go out hard.
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I've delt with this condition for years,and yes it's treatable.
What you've described sounds like an interdigital neuroma. This is basicaly a pinched verve between the 3rd and 4th metatarsal heads. This can be aggravated by tight shoes or ski boots that don't allow enough room in the fore foot. The solution are varied.
1. Have a boot fitter stretch the boot in the fore foot are to allow for the spreading of the metatarsals.
2. Assuming there's enough room in the boot, start working on the footbed/orthotic. By using a cotton or foam pad that's roughly triangluar in shape that's placed behind the met. heads. This transfers the preasure off the ball of the foot back to the pad and again opens up the metatarsals.
3. Surgery. If it's a severe case that also happens with street shoes this may be a viable options. It involves an incision on the top of the foot at the affected area where the surgeon would remove the inflamed nerve.
My suggetion would be to find a competent boot fitter who's heard of this condition and has worked on other skiers with it, if one can't be found in your area, consult a podiatrists who is fmailar with sports medicine. Good luck.
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I am 6'2 195lb. I don't excercise as much as I'd like, but I'm in pretty good shape.

The pain is on the bottom of both of my feet, almost right in the middle. Is this consistent with what you've experienced?
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Could dedski have planters faciaca, in both feet. I have it in my left foot. dedski should may be see a foot doctor. Mine put me on some medication that is helping.
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Sounds to me like a problem I have. The footbed pushes on my plantar tendon. Solution - cut slot in footbed to accomodate it. It makes a world of difference.
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I have a similar problem, but it's feels more like a bruise than a sharp pain. Now when I ski on it a lot, it does turn into pain. It's in that 3rd to 4th region across the pad of my foot. So far it mainly hurts when I ski, but I have had it pop up a few times after/during a trail run.
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