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For those of you who ski at Winterplace, Snowshoe, and Wintergreen resorts, I just started a new website with honest trips reports/frank comments about the conditions, crowds, and weather at these resorts:

Right now the only real content is about Winterplace, but when I start to get more trip reports from friends there will be more posts about the other resorts, Wintergreen in particular. I also plan on updating daily with a weather report that summarizes the forecast for the various local resorts.

I realize that provides a lot of this service, but I feel like Winterplace and Wintergreen don't get as much coverage as Snowshoe and the NC resorts.

Just as a note, there are no ads on the site, so Im not posting this trying to pull traffic. I just want to help out the folks who might be making a trip to these resorts and want an honest report. Thanks!