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05-06 AC4 vs. 06-07 AC4

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A few weeks ago I got the chance to demo a number of skis and the new Volkl AC4 came accross as a clear favorite. Given that I tend to buy too many skis and therefore bargin shop my butt off, I am not willing to drop $850 or more on the current skis at this time.

Now a reasonable person with several pairs of skis already in their basement would wait until summer or the end of the season, but I did really like these skis.

To that end, I have seen several deals on the flat version of last years AC4. Given that I have a pair of brand new Marker Piston bindings kicking around, last years flat version is a tempting option. Although I know the shape of the ski is the same, I am unsure if any significant improvements have been made under the skin of the ski that I may not be aware of.

Has anybody skied both this year's and last year's AC4 in a 170? If so, what differences, if any, have you noticed.

My stats: 5'10" -165 lbs - Level 7/8.
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I personally just picked up the AC4s in 170cm. I'm 5'10", 170 lbs and a level 8/9. Haven't skiied on them but I'm anxiously waiting to.

Here is a review that Faisasy did about a few skis, that includes this year's AC4.

Here is one that Noodler did about the AC3, AC4 and a few others.

Since you wanted a link about last year's AC4, here is the link about that here.

I think that should cover it and give you plenty of reviews about the ski. I'm planning on skiing the AC4 at Vail and Aspen for a week in mid-late January so I'll have a full review up of it after that. Good luck. Seems like Volkl revamped this ski (the AC4). From people saying it wasn't lively and couldn't hold an edge last year to being the complete opposite this year. This year's ski is full of energy and holds edge like a mofo and is VERY versatile, many expert skiiers using this as their all-mountain ski. The author of last year's AC4 review, decreased the length of demos (he demoed a 177 AC4 last year) and a 170 AC4 this year, so that could've had something to do with his experience. But either way, Volkl seems to have a winner with this years AC4.
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The difference is metal - specifically titanium in this season's version of the AC4. I believe this season's version is more powerful with better edge grip and more energy overall. That doesn't mean I disliked last season's version. In fact if I could find a deal on a flat version of the AC4 I'd jump on it (if someone's nice they could PM me some leads).

Last season's AC4 was a bit more forgiving. It's got the same sidecut, but it definitely suited less aggressive skiers. I loved it when I rode it, but I don't recall loving it quite as much as this season's ski. The new AC4 really was a phenomenal ride.
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sounds like you need an outlet to buy your old skis to finance your new purchases. let me know if you needd a buyer for gently used skis.

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I've skiied both. My wife has last years and I have this years. This years version is stiffer under foot and hold a better edge. Personally I like this years version better.
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IMO, this year's version is head-and-shoulders above last year's. I felt last year's got knocked around more, didn't really have a strong personality, and just didn't do anything for me. This year's, on the other hand, is an exceptional ski, and for me only barely got edged by the Nordica Afterburner for my midfat selection this season.

FWIW, this year's review of these skis from me is here.
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