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intermediate looking for next ski

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- 5'0", 120lb (in gear ) intermediate here
- skis 20-25 days a year (there is NOTHING here yet, though ), 5-10 days out west, the rest on tiny crowded Ontario (east) hills
- mostly on-piste, some tentative bump exploration -- although I find powder fun, it's so rare for me that I would prefer a less fat, more versatile ski

My current (first! only!) skis are Rossignol Sapphirs, 140cm (yes, I am THAT small, heh). I enjoy them, but it's been suggested to me that I could try a ski that was faster and with better crud-cutting ability.

Note: I'm not someone who will be trading up skis every year (my ski dollars are spent travelling and on lessons), so these should be keepers for about 5 years.

Any suggestions for what to demo while I'm at ESA Aspen? Thanks.
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Burning Luvs would be a good one to start with, I think. (oh, and I've skiied them)
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At your size; for skiing faster on smaller, icy eastern slopes; and for the biggest bang for your buck, consider a junior race ski. Lots of people sell these here and on ebay at very reasonable prices and if used, they tend to be well tuned and waxed by doting race parents. For my own kids' recreational skiing I've gotten 3 different pair of kids' GS race skis over the years, two Fischer and one Atomic, all with good quality bindings. Top price paid was around $150 shipped. High quality construction, especially the Fischers (wood core). And though these are relatively narrow waisted skis, at the kids' weight (and yours) they provide plenty of float in pow. They also seem stable in crud, relative to regular kids' beginner-intermediate skis.
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Take a look at the women's specific Exclusive line from Dynastar. The Exclusive Carve is the top model and right below it sit the Exclusive 10 and 9. They come in very short sizes, 142 and 150.
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Originally Posted by delta888 View Post
-Any suggestions for what to demo while I'm at ESA Aspen? Thanks.
EVERYTHING they have! Seriously, the more skis you demo, the greater chance that you'll find "the one"! For eastern conditions, I'd add the Nordica Olympia Speed and the Volkl Attiva AC2 to your list and maybe even the junior Volkl Racetiger SL.
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I was in your boat a week ago... intermediate, looking for new skis! I'm 5'7 124lbs and I also ski ontario and quebec. I posted and got some great advice from the members. After much research I decided on the Volkl Attiva AC 2... and WOW! I tried them yesterday for the first time and it was unbelievable. I have never been able to ski like that on my first day of the season and maybe not even on my 10th day of the season before. I was stable, in control at all times even on the ice, fast, making the tighest turns I have ever made.

I highly recommend these skis. I got mine for $650 with marker bindings in Ontario. I also plan on keeping them for few sesons! The AC stands for all condition - or so the guy who sold them to me said. They are a little wider than the S5 carver so you can take them out west.

If that is a little more than you wanted to spend then the K2 luv series also has stellar reviews and a nicer price point.

Check out skipressworld.com go to the online mag section on the left of the screen and click on the 2nd issue i think its spring 06. flip the pages online til you get to the ski review, then double click the page to view in regular size. On page 71 they have a review for the AC2.

Good luck and let us know what you pick and how is works for you if you have a chance.
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Thanks, all.
Burning Luvs would be a good one to start with, I think. (oh, and I've skiied them)
I hope not as a result of the luggage SNAFU, Fox.
consider a junior race ski.
That's an interesting idea. Is it easy/possible to demo them?
Take a look at the women's specific Exclusive line from Dynastar.
<scribble> Thanks. That's a new recommendation.
EVERYTHING they have!
I read your exhaustive reviews, Volklgirl, so I know you put your money where your mouth is! The only glitch is going to be that I'll be 4-day clinic, with one day preceding, and one after, so I won't have quite so many switch-up opportunities. So I'm going to try and short-list a few reasonable guesses. I'll check a few reviews, and also lengths. (I'll try up to a 150, but I've only ever been skiing on a softish 140, so I think going both stiffer and longer could really screw me up.)
Volkl Attiva AC 2... and WOW!
That's come up a few times now, so it's definitely on the list. By the way, where did you ski? The conditions at Blue/MSLM look pretty damn dire. (Well, plus these days in Christmas break I just can't ski at either because the crowds are too gruesome.)

Thanks, and I'll keep you posted on progress.
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Hey delta888, Lisamarie likes both the Burnin' Luvs and the Dynastar Exclusive Legends. Legends are more of a mid-fat, and the Luvs a bit carve-ier. PM or email her if you want some details.

Some good deals on last year's Burnin' Luvs demos around various places. Especially since they got rid of the flower graphics this year, so the orange-flower versions are being blown out. I just saw a pair with Tyrolia bindings for USD $279 today at Mountain Sports Outlet here, but I think they were longer than you want (were either 158 or 163 or thereabouts).
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About demoing junior race skis - I've never tried but I doubt there's much out there since usually those kids gear up once a season with coach input. BUT, at $100 - $150 a pop(for last years' gear) I've never been too concerned about demoing - just go with a solid brand and see if the kids like it. They always do.

If you want guidance and are willing to pay a bit more for new (e.g. $300 range for last years Fischer or Atomic junior race with bindings ) you might contact www.ski-depot.com - an online and real store in Maine that sells a lot of race gear and has decent deals on last years' junior stuff. I bet if you get them on the phone they could help with selection. My $100 - $150 range is for swap section here or on ebay.
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Also, come over to www.skidivas.com. There's a lot of "chick talk" about women's gear, ski clothes for petite women, etc.
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delta888, Terry would recommend the Lotta Luv. Even though a midfat, she preferred them in all conditions, even hardpack, over the narrower Luvs or the Dynastars. FWIW...
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Update: Again, the curse of the tiny, tiny feet. My boot length is 255.

K2s and Volkls both use Marker bindings, which won't set lower than 260.

So far I've only managed to demo 2 skis -- Nordica Olympia and the Solomon XWing Tornado. Both were very good in the powder-dusted crud conditions on Sunday, and (as I couldn't swap during ESA, I only tried the Xwing yesterday) the XWing was good on groomed. I find both skis rather heavy, much more stable through crud, more floaty through the powder, but much less turny than my short, light Rossi Saphirs. I like the Xwings, but I admit I don't love them.

I'm pretty sure I'll want to get my skis Campbell balanced if I can, because I've become very used to having the bindings mounted closer to the tips.

One shop here has said that they can reset the heel of the binding for Volkl Attivas separately to match my boot length (but of course, not for the demos). So I'm going to do something that's possibly stupid today, and just demo the skis set for 260 (with a slightly stronger DIN). No reward for bad turns today.

As you guys guessed, I can't demo juniors anywhere. So if I can't find a loved ski here, I may well take ts01's advice and just plonk for "the hottest" junior ski. I don't see the point of dropping about $900 (almost $1K in Cdn) for skis that are better but not *enough* better than what I've got.

If anyone has recommendations for a good flat ski (non-integrated binding) I'm keen to hear them. (I haven't been able to find Rossi B2s for demo)

Wish you all were here -- great snow, blue skies, and no lift lines!
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