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Denver to Snowmass?

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I will be flying into Denver in a few weeks to meet some friends in Snowmass. Besides flying, can you suggest some economical transportation ideas? And I don't want to walk
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*$112.00 per person one way, gratuity not included*Service provided by Colorado Mountain Express
*Spacious 10 passenger maxi vans.
*Door-to-door service to most lodging locations
*Numerous Daily Departures
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oops, sorry about the formatting - I always wondered how much it would cost. 112$/person each way.

How bad can it be in a 'spacious maxi van'?
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count on 3.5 hours min. let's see how much the flight would be...
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i get 217$/person ROUNDTRIP. yes, im bored and on hold changing itineraries for our 'get out of denver' vacation...
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It's cheaper to fly at $217.00 and I am only paying $149.00 roundtrip from Baltimore to Denver.
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Maybe I could rent a car with a one way rental?
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Try Craigslist for Denver/Boulder.

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Originally Posted by River Hill View Post
Maybe I could rent a car with a one way rental?
About $75 using Orbitz, drop at the airport and catch the free bus back to Snowmass.
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