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Steamboat 12/23-27

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Flew into Hayden direct from Newark, this was huge. If it wasn't for all the little kids on the plane, it would have been great! Hayden is doubling the size of the airport so it will be easier access in the future.

The Mountain- Lodging: Great lodging set up. Many hotels and condos all within walking distance to the Gondola. It was nice to see that economy lodging was 200-300 yards from the gondola along with 1M plus townhomes. fantastic shuttle service will take you anywhere on the mountain or to the downtown area. We stayed at the Eagleridge which was a great place to stay. I can provide additional comments on lodging if you post. We looked at a lot places while there.

The Mountain-Food: a wide variety of place to eat. Anything from oven pizzas to fine cuisine at Cafe' Diva and Cottonwood Grill. Good Tex-Mex at La' Montanya's-Killer margaritas! You can find just about anything at any price range. A good selection and most can be walked to.

Special note to the "Sportstalker" at the Gondola. Steve, the manager was a great guy. I was at beaver Creek the week before and had my skis shipped to Steamboat. With the storm, they got a little lost but Steve set me up with a new pair of Head 82's to use. The staff there was excellent and very helpful and knowledgeable. I was watching them make a few pairs of foot beds and they really knew what they were doing. PS- they did find my skis and shipped them to me.

The Mountain: layout.- I was fortunate to ski/rde with two boarders, one was a local for 8 years. We skied the trees for 3 days in the best terrrain I have ever been on. Simply incredible trees and pow.

A decieving mountain. Looks small when you get there, so much is out of site. It is actually very large with a lot of terrain. A great mix as well. You can find a mix of green-blue and black trails close by on many sections of the mountain. We hit it just right. we has 3 days of tree-skiing with 8" to 24" of freshies.

Sunshine Peak- far skiers left, lots of really nice crusiers, Tomahawk and others are very scenic and just fun. Go over to the One O'clock, two and three O'Clock blacks for some great bumps; on powder days these are awesome. Not to spoil locals fun but the trees in between all of those runs are awesome. 2 days after a 8" storm, we had virgin powder- (this is on December 26th!)

Morningside Park- great group of blacks and blues, hit them early on powder days

Ski down Morningside park and take the lift over to overeasy and down to Buddy's run and into the trees. There is a huge area over by the chutes that are just incredible tree-skiing. I am not good enough to go into the chutes but we skied by them and they are really cool. We skied through big meadow and a lot of the terrain in that area.

Pony express, take this lift to a series of black runs that area really challenging and cool. Trees, rocks to jump off, just very cool.

So much more but these are the highlights. Feel free to ask specifics.
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Those trees between Buddy's and the Chutes are a treat. I was doing the same spot a couple weeks ago. Another thought for others: The Yurt at the top of the gondola has a very good demo selection and reasonable rates...
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Nice update. Leaving for the 'Boat' on the 12th? How was coverage in the trees? Though you didn't venture into the Chutes how was the coverage? Hoping this storm raging today leaves a significant dump on SS.
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migibs, the coverage in the trees was great. We skied right under the shoots and it needed a bit more coverage if you are going to be hucking off them. We dropped off some rocks but they were no more than 5' high! There was plenty of coveraage for that. I spoke to my friends who are still out there and they are still finding some good stashes. IT seems that since half of Houston and Dallas are in the CO resorts, they pretty much stick to the greens and some blues. There are few people in the trees and over on the open territory. I'm sure you'll get some fresh stuff, the storm today is nto suppossed to drop much.
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Restaurant Recommendations

I'll be there for a week at the end of January/start of February. I'd like some restaurant recommendations for dinner.
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March for us. Finn, you need to point out on a trail map for me the good stuff
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Tips on places to eat

Dos Amigos and La Montana, both good Mexican. Loosen your belt...

Mambo Itialiano, good Italian.

Steamboat Smokehouse, barbeque.

Mahogany Ridge, microbrews...

The Cabin, in the Steamboat Grand, upscale, expensive, but good.
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Jan 8-13 for me! It will be my first ever trip out west so I'm super excited.
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Originally Posted by Barnstormer View Post
Jan 8-13 for me! It will be my first ever trip out west so I'm super excited.
Are you bringing something fatter than those Atomic SL's?
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Phil, those are his bump skis.
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Originally Posted by Philpug View Post
Are you bringing something fatter than those Atomic SL's?
Incoming hijack.

Good question. My functional quiver consists of the SLs and some 180cm Salomon GS skis. I love them both dearly but neither of them are "fat".

My plan was to take the Salomons out, become frustrated quickly, then demo some more appropriate skis and then possibly make an impulse purchase.

I'm open to relatively inexpensive suggestions for skis that would both work well out west and treat me better than the aforementioned skis in east coast bumps. Twin tips would be a bonus.
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Iriponsnow has some Scotts that he bought 80mm waiste that I think he will be unloading.
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Sorry for the temporary hijack.

My stuff is continued here in its own thread:

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