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SLC Trip

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Staying downtown close to the Temple. Looking for reccomendations on Ski Rental. On my trips to Summit County I have rented through Breeeze and I have had luck. There is a breeze in Sandy and I might go down there to rent ski's but I thought you guys might have some reccomedations.

I personally would like to try the Apache Recon's. What do you guys know about the ski? I would like to try a mid-fat ski because I enjoy all parts of the mountain and if I get the chance at some powder I would like to be properly equipped. I love to carve, hit the moguls, and do some powder skiing.

Thoughts Comments. Any othere info on the SLC area would be helpfull.
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If you're staying downtown, Sandy will be a little bit out of your way. I'm pretty sure The Lift House (801-943-1056) has Apache Recons for demo. They're on Ft.Union and Wasatch, so you'll be going right by there anyway. Pretty sure you'll be able to find that ski for demo at the resorts as well - seems like everyone's got K2s. I know nothing about the ski itself, so I can't help you there.
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A couple of places that should be close to your Hotel are Canyon Sports (801) 942 3100 They also sell discount lift tickets Also try Utah Ski and Golf (801) 355 9088. There is also an REI just off of 33rd South that is on the way to the Cottonwood Canyons. Lift House is a pretty good outfit, well worth a stop The Porcupine Grill next to it, is a good place for an after ski beer and burger.
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further research show that Breeze is actually just off of I-80 on foothill drive.

They carry both ski I want to try so I may stick with them or give "The Lift House" a call.

I want to try the Apache Recons and the Rossignol Zenith Z9's. Thinking about calling to see if they are going to have these ski's in stock.

Any body else care to comment.
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i've rented from canyon sports and utah ski and golf and had good experiences with both. i rented most often from utah ski and golf
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rent demo skis on the hill

the skis are in better shape, if there is a problem you can get it fixed, and you can demo a lot of different skis for close to the same price
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the skis are in better shape, if there is a problem you can get it fixed, and you can demo a lot of different skis for close to the same price
I would like to do that, but when I ski in Summit County it can take along time to get your ski's in the morning....I have always had better luck renting off mountain. I plan to ski the 4 mountains in Cottonwood Canyon so finding or reserving ski's everyday could be a hastle. Looking at Canyon ski rental right now and that may be the ticket since they carry both types of ski's I want to Demo. Might even try both.
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