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alta/snowbird favorite runs

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(sorry for the cross post resort/travel link wasn't working didn't want to take a chance)
I heading out to alta/snowbird next week and was wondering what are some "must ski" runs. Any good: places for pow, steeps, a few long crusers for my mom?. Anything worth hikeing to? Anything I missed?
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Alta: Greeley Bowl, Greeley Hill, Saddle traverse runs. If you're really into the hardcore stuff, try the Diamond Challenge (meets at 1:30 every afternoon); a notch less hardcore, catch an afternoon workshop - they'll show you great spots that you can mine for the rest of the week.
Snowbird: Top under lift Gad 2 Lift and S.T.H. to the left of Gad 2 left as you are going up, and Tigertail. Also catch the 'First Tracks' deal (meet at 7:45am at Tram for an hour of guided skiing before lifts open to general public - $20).
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I would have to kill you if I told you. All kidding aside, look for higher, north facing slopes, as they hold better snow/conditions during spring. If you are willing to hike, try some of the run/chutes off of Baldy, Devils Castle and Supreme.

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thanks, one more question how hardcore is the diamond challenge?
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I loved the skiing off the Supreme lift at Alta. Supreme Challenge is a fun little chute. Also i enjoyed everything off the ridge off the tram at Snowbird. There are chutes on both sides that are really fun to ski. If you search you can usually find some good podwer down there. I think i found some great chutes to the left (facing down the mountain) of tigertail... I dont recall the trail names well since i havent been there in a few years, but i think thats where they were... It requires cutting through the trees, but no one skis over there. You drop down some pretty steep chutes right to a chair lift (this is all on the right side of the mountain as you face up). It was very steep and totally untouched. Another place that was fun was right under the gadzoom express. There are some chutes right next to and under the chair that are pretty fun. Take the cat track under the lift until it turns - you will see a gate in the fance. Go through the gate and ski down under the chair. If you want to avoid the cliff, cut to the left. That is really fun skiing, especially if you catch it fresh.
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