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Nubs Nob Jan 6th

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Nubs has 22 runs are open and expect to have all runs open by Jan 6th
A Nubs Nob quote. (Number of Runs Open: 22 - all of the front side and most of Nub's Nob South. We actually have more terrain open this week than last!) Date 12-27-06

We all know the nubs’ snow making crew is one of the best in the business. This and with the evening temps dropping below freezing in nine days we should have some decent conditions.

a group of us are heading to nubs nob on Jan 6th We meet at the K-mart parking lot on miller road off of I-75 - for more info Pm me.
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Wish I'd seen this before....the Nastar forum just had a get-together there last weekend and I can't afford to go again. Bummer!!
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The thread initiator represents a ski club in Southern Michigan and they have cancelled their trip.

However, I'm still going to be skiing there Saturday if anyone wants to do some turns, PM me and I'll give you the contact info.
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That’s right the Nubs trip has been canceled. I had talked to a number of people who were there last weekend and said it was not worth doing.
The good news is we have a trip to Shanty Creek planed for Jan 20th. We have use of the Cortina, out door hot pool and two changing rooms. If any one is interested Pm me.
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