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alignment problem

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After reading a couple of posts on other's experiences with footbeds & alignment issues, I thought I'd get some advice as well. I believe that I have an alignment problem which is related to a motorcycle accident injury I had a long time ago. I was T-boned by a car which ran a stop sign, while riding my motorcyle resulting in a crushed tibia & phibia. The doctor had problems realigning my leg & at one point had to re-break my leg because the alignment had shifted while I was healing. The end result is my left leg is about 3/4" shorter than my right, and I have limited fore/aft ankle flexion, plus some alignment issues because they couldnt quite get everything aligned back 100%.

I've always noticed when skiing that my left turn feels perfectly smooth & balance, whereas my right turn never feels quite right. I have problems making a smooth carved right turn.

I've gone the the custom footbed route, along with sole canting. All of these have helped a bit, but still my right turns are still screwy. What I think is happening is when I'm making a right turn, I reach a point where I hit the limit on my ankle flexion on my left leg. When I reach this limit, I just can't flex any more & I can no longer keep both skis parallel anymore. This this results in the outside ski diverging from the inside ski.

I have no idea on how correct this issue through equipment alignment or skiing technique. I've talked to a couple of boot fitters & they havent got a clue either. They only seem to know how to deal with the 'regular' alignment issues (ie. pronation, etc)...

I'd really like to hear from others who may have similar alignment issues & learn to correct this problem. It's really frustrating for me because it's holding my skiing back from progressing to the next level. Any advice woulid be greatly appreciated....
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you don't say which leg is longer, but I would start by getting that problem corrected with a combination of boot and binding lifts if necessary.

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