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Arc'Teryx Alpha SV versus Marmot Resolution

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Arc'Teryx Alpha SV versus Marmot Resolution - your thoughts, please.
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I'll repost my post in response to your question about the alpha sv a few months ago.


Originally Posted by doublediamond223 View Post
Originally Posted by oboe
You have my attention. Please describe the Arc' Teryx fit that you like so well. I'm 5'8" and 160 lbs when I'm fat (and the weight is getting back to normal, say, 150). Would that fit me? What about the waterproofness of the jacket? Does water bead up and roll off? Any other light you cab shed on this will be appreciated.

I'd never thought that Spyder or TNF were poorly built, but maybe other share your opinion - and I'll like to hear from others on this.
First let me say that I often find it difficult to find clothes. I am 6'2 and 195lbs, and I am not fat. I have very long arms, but my chest and torso are somewhat small. Many "US-sized" garments end up fitting like a wide paper bag in the torso when I get up to a size that is long enough for my arms, as they are sized for the typical barrel-chested american, I guess. (GS suits are a particular PITA for this, but I digress)

The TNF stuff I have owned was always too wide in the torso for my taste, and just generally felt baggy. The shells, although seemingly baggy, do not mesh that well with insulating layers, at least compared to the Arc'Teryx.

Spyder is better about these fit issues, and I own more of their stuff than that of any other ski clothing manufacturer. I have an insulated jacket that I use for race training and usually for general skiing. It isn't that it isn't durable, as I beat the hell out it with gates, but I don't think the entrant fabric has the same amazing abrasion resistance as the Arc'Teryx stuff. Here's a pic of my spyder:

It is waterproof to the point that melted snow will bead off easily, and you can run the arms under a faucet, but it is not a jacket to wear in the rain, as are any Spyder insulated products. Why? Because they do not tape their seams, primarily. I wore that jacket for GS practice in the pouring rain about a year ago, and although I was mostly dry, the bottom of the jacket was saturated with water, as there is a large confluence of seams in that area. Another large point of water entry is the gaps in the zippers for the sleeves (which can come off). This gap basically functioned as a rain gutter into my armpit. Spyders are great, but don't wear them in the rain, basically.

What I like about the Arc'Teryx is that although it doesn't feel baggy at all, and the torso is appropriately sized for me, I am able to easily fit insulating layers underneath without changing the feel of the combined system in the least. I don't know how they do it, but the jacket fits just as well riding my bike in a monsoon-like thunderstorm with an underarmour underneath as it does with a high-loft fleece. As far as waterproofness, it is amazing. All the zippers are waterproof, all the seams are taped, and the front of the collar comes up just high enough to keep hood runoff from coming in. You also notice intelligent design features, such as the mechanism used to size the hood to your head. It is big enough to wear with a helmet, yet with a quick pull on a drawstring, it holds itself perfectly in place with no supplemental headwear. Here's a pic of my shell, you'll notice the zipper garage things that help to keep water out of the pockets.

I hope all of this rambling helps, lol. I don't have any experience with the MH Tenacity shell, but I do love the fit of my MH Monkey Man fleece, fwiw.
I know absolutely nothing about the Marmot, so I can't help you there.
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