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Shipping delays

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In October of this year I put in my order to my local Salomon rep, I ordered a pair of GS Lab and SL Lab skis both with 914 Lab bindings. I have received the skis but no bindings. The shop I went through doesn't know where they are and Salomon will only tell them that they will be there soon. The problem is that was over a month ago. I would like to be able to use my new skis since the local ski hill's season has started. Has anyone else experienced a shipping delay with Salomon? Should I give up and order other skis from another company?
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How rotten. I'm still blinking in amazement at getting my gloves from Reusch 3 days after ordering them, during the week before xmas! (standard shipping).
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Salomon is having tons of problems this year. The reps are just starting to receive promo product and race supply. Some world cup racers are even having trouble getting replacements. I had a sponsorship agreement with Salomon this year (first year with them), I ended up breaking the arrangement because they couldn't get me the gear I needed when I needed it for events. Kind of tough to win on their skis when they don't ship them. Most of the problem is with US products as Salomon management went throug a large shakeup that has caused all sorts of problems. Add to that problem they are moving to Utah, and Amer sports bought them, too many changes no way to take care of their obligations.
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