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Volant in trouble?

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There are articles in both Denver newspapers (sorry, I don't have a link) about Volant sending its workers home for two days. What is actually happening depends on who you ask.
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I drove past their plant Saturday. The parking lot was empty, which seemed odd at this time of year. I hope that this is just a short term cash crunch, and that they're not about to go busto.
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Yikes, better stock up on those steelies this fall! (just in case). Hope there is good news for them later in the week.


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I am wondering if Paul Allen has pulled the plug on the "cash flow" needs of this company.

I understand he has recently returned from a cultural trip to what is now Russia [ the former Soviet Union, ] St. Petersburg etc.
perhaps by Thursday or Friday, things will be cranking again at Volant.

Remember, it was last year that Volant shot itself in the foot, by thinking it could sell a lot of its product over the internet, and thus either completely cut some of its dealers out or reduce their gross margin potential. This was true in Michigan [ BTW Volants are already back in some of the stores this year.]Last year the dealers balked by not ordering any skis and since the skis weren't in the stores, they didn't get sold.

Lets hope Mr Allen and those financially carring this company come through again ! It would be a shame to loose this one !
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The article can be viewed at:

Apparantly, Thursday is decision day.

If they decide to hang it up, it looks like I am going to spring for a pair of the T3 Powers, maybe 2 pair one to ski, and one to savior.
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Wink, please keep us posted on Volant`s status. There are a lot of us steel lovers out there! While we are on the topic I have a technical question. Is the T3 Power (particularly the new gold model) stiffer in flex than my Ti Powers? Skiing without Volant, say its not true!!
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In answer to your question, I Ken't say for sure.

Last years T3 Power were stiffer than the PowerKarves.

I believe the T3 Power and the Ti Power were basically the same ski except for a slight change in materials that allows Volant to make the ski slightly more responsive, and shorter. I think the degree of stiffness is the same. Someone else should comment on this, Phil and anyone else.

The new gold color, which I think is going to be either a: you love it or hate it issue, is strictly a cosmetic marketing plan.

Personally, in the store I was very impressed with the color, outside on a clear blue sky day, while riding the chair lift who knows how much more the color will be enhanced.

While cosmetics are nice, they usually don't effect how the ski performs. I think in Vail, Aspen, Telluride, Sun Valley, Copper, Brecky this color will be all the rage.

I think the true skiers will love it based upon performance only, the gold color will be a bonus, ...maybe.

Finally, better lock these babies up, they will stand out and will be targeted, especially if Volant folds.
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Jim from Idaho
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I have only been skiing a few years and I love my Volants. About two weeks ago I stopped at the Volant factory and received the twenty five cent tour of the plant...Very interesting. I was told that they are already into the production of next years models,and the plant was in full production.

I hated hearing rumors like this so I thought I would go to the source.

I Just got off the phone with a manager at Volant. He said that they are looking for refinancing and/or investors and are going thru some “re structuring”. They have been honest with their employees and have asked them to take some vacation time while this stuff is going on...hence why the parking lot was vacant on Sunday.

He told me not to worry that they were going forward and were NOT throwing in the towel. I mentioned that several people on this forum were talking about buying a couple of pairs of Volants, just in case, and he said that it would be OK...that it would be nice if everyone bought two pairs!

He gave me this link for an article to read.
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Put a fork in them.

Ski fast, take chances!
This is a lifestyle NOT just a sport!

Volkl G31, Salomon 912pe, Salomon Performa Equipe 9.0
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Gen-X has purchased Volant Assets.
Check out
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From what I understand, they do have a new construction that they are working on. It involves laser cutting the steel as opposed to rollforming the steel. It should be a process that is easier to control and cheaper to make. The consruction will be moving to more of a traditional sandwitch style of ski. I have a friend who has done some testing on the new product and he really liked the way that it skis. I have not seen the new design, but this is what I have heard that they are working on. Maybe they can make it fly with this new concept.
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