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Recommendations for NH trip?

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We're hoping to spend about 4 days over Presidents' Day weekend up around Mt. Washington in NH. We're looking to do some combination of Bretton Woods, Attitash, Cannon and Wildcat. Would it be worthwhile to do 1 day at each, or would that be trying to do too much? Which mountains in that area are your favorites in general? Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
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Depending on where you sleep, you could certainly visit all four. If you haven't been in that area before you are going to enjoy the marvelous scenery. Much more impressive than VT IMHO. Wildcat is perhaps my favorite ski area in the East for great scenery, fun trails with character, and nice remote vibe. Cannon is similar and the tram is a fun ride if you haven't done one of those before. Never been to other two, but both are pretty well regarded. Of the foursome I guess I have least interest in Attitash. Have fun and dress warm.
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Scenery is nice, but it depends what you want to do- Wildcat has good terrain, Bretton Woods pretty flat but my mom loves it, Attitash is ok, Cannon is about an hour away if youre staying in the Valley- same deal as Wildcat, pretty old-fashioned. Sunday River is an hour away from the 16/302 split if you really want to travel that far. If youre with a group of advanced skiers Id skip Bretton, maybe do a day at Attitash, day or 2 at Wildcat (if they get snow) and a day or two at Sunday River (or Cannon) if you want to make the drive.

BTW Jay Peak is exactly 2 hours away from Bartlett...just in case...just so you know
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The four mountains you mention are all in the same general vicinity. Cannon to Wildcat is a good hour+ haul, at least. The town of Carroll, NH is right at the base of Bretton Woods, and is probably 20 minutes or so from Cannon. You could base yourself there when you hit up Bretton Woods and Cannon.

North Conway is situated conveniently to Attitash and Wildcat, so would serve as a good base of operations for visiting those places.

Cannon is my home ski mountain. I love it there; it has a reputation for cold, wind and ice, but I think that is somewhat overstated. It is a somewhat overall steeper mountain then most New England areas are. It's the mountain I know best. It skis much bigger then it looks like it should on the trail map. Lot of terrain variety, and some true expert-only terrain near the tram. If it's clear, the views of Franconia Notch are unparalleled. Cannon has one of the few trams in the country as well. I will almost certainly be there President's Day weekend; if you want a tour of Cannon, send me a PM and I'll be happy to show you around.

Bretton Woods is a very different place from Cannon. Some of Bretton Woods' blacks would easily be blues at Cannon. BW is huge -- lots of low pitched, wide open glades if you're into that. Fun cruising mountain; I go there occassionally when I just want to relax.

Attitash is two places; there's Attitash and there's Bear Peak. One lift ticket gets you into both places. I think Attitash is the steeper side. Nice variety of terrain, especially off the summit of Attitash. Attitash's summit chair is old and slow, but it keeps the crowds down up there. I go here once or twice a year. It's a nice place; nothing strikes me as being "great" or "bad" about it.

I haven't been to Wildcat in years. It is literally across the street from Mt. Washington. While you can see Mt. Washington from Bretton Woods and Attitash, the view from Wildcat is the jaw-dropper. Take your camera. Wildcat and Cannon operate in state-park land, so there is nothing at either one except a base lodge and the ski lifts. Don't go expecting any sort of wild apres' ski scene at either place. North Conway probably has stuff going on if you're into searching out the parties, etc.
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KevinF said everything I wanted to tell you about 4 mountains. All good choices, all different, interesting in their own way. I hope we get a lot of snow so you can enjoy some good New England skiing. I would recomend staying in North Conway if you want good food, apres ski and some shopping too. Have fun!
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Thanks everyone for the info.

Brock - as much as we'd love to try Jay, that's going to have to be another trip. It's a 6+ hour drive to get us up there, so hopefully we can keep the driving to a minimum once we're in the area.

We're all solid intermediate skiers... getting much better at steeper terrain and bumps, but we'd all probably enjoy a day at BW to take it easy.

From what's been said here I think I'm leaning towards 1 day at BW, 1 day at Cannon, 1 day at Wildcat, then 1 day at whichever of Cannon or Wildcat we'd like some more time at. Unfortunately it looks like Cannon and Wildcat are the farthest apart. Maybe if we stay at BW the whole time? Looks that that's more or less in the middle... 30-45 min drive to each.

Anyways, thanks for the input. I'm looking forward to getting a break from our VT routine over the holiday weekend!
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Sounds good. Stay at the Mt Washington Hotel. You wont be disappointed. 45 mins to Wildcat, 30 to Attitash, 5 to BW, 30 to Cannon. Also about 45 mins to North Conway shopping/"nightlife" etc. Try BW first, if you like it, go again at the end. If youre ready for steeper, try Wildcat and Cannon. I do love Cannon- its where Bode learned to ski, wide steep trails
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Originally Posted by rachelv View Post
Unfortunately it looks like Cannon and Wildcat are the farthest apart. Maybe if we stay at BW the whole time? Looks that that's more or less in the middle... 30-45 min drive to each.
Yep, Cannon and Wildcat are on opposite ends of the state. Bretton Woods to Cannon is a pretty easy drive. Bretton Woods to Wildcat involves crossing over Crawford Notch and Pinkham Notch. Both are on major roads, and the NH crews work like mad to keep those roads open, but it can be a white-knuckle experience if it's snowing heavily. If you're used to driving in wintry conditions, no problem.

Crawford Notch is in some sort of parkland, so there's nothing, literally, between Bretton Woods and Attitash

Not sure what sort of lodging you're looking for, but the Mt. Washington Hotel is practically at the base of Bretton Woods. If you're looking for upscale lodging, you're not going to do any better then that.
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If you think you might ski 2 days at Wildcat, try to do it on consecutive days, because the second day will be $29. You have until 3:30 to decide.
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