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Bellaeyre this Friday?

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I can't stand it anymore, but I don't think paying for lodgings in Northern Vermont would be worth it- yet. Will a day trip to Belleayre from Long Island be worth it- now? I don't particularly want to ski a narrow white ribbon surrounded by brown. Anybody have the scoop? Someone please talk me into it!
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It's getting chilly up here in the Catskills, so they should blow a fair amount of snow by Friday. I was at Belleayre last Thursday and they had two runs open from the top. Coverage on Onteora was better than Wanatuska, where I did see some small amounts of gravel here and there, especially on the little crossovers between trails. Wasn't bad enough for me to wish I had a pair of rock skis.

Don't know how hard Belleayre was hit by the rain this past week. My prediction is that what little is open will be pretty decent on Friday. Thus, I am going to head up there myself that morning. If you go, make sure those edges are sharp.
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Today was very hard and it snowed all day...about 2 inches..Yesterday it was nice and soft but it rained pretty hard..Was over to Hunter base area and coverage looked real bad... was better at bellearye but that aint sayin much
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How were the liftlines?
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high speed quad was a long fast line...stops alot still...triple had none
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More input on the same question, give or take a day
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today was ok till 11 ish "down to solid ice"...guns turned off by 1030 not on at 430 when i left...temps were in 40's..thinkin a top coat for a few hours tonite if lucky..Still thin down to quad..last hump down to dirt...lifties not doin good job loading...kinda a mess...ironing out lift line issues still
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I'm going to skip the quad and stick to the triple. If anyone's out there early tomorrow, I'm in a blue windbreaker on my Volkls with the faux wood topsheet.
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