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Utah Bound!-how we doing?

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On January 6-I'm on a plane to SLC--much earlier trip this year than usual-I check the snow and weather reports with religious fervor-but just wanted to get the local's eye view--how are the conditions shaping up in the Cotton Wood canyons?? (Big and little)- I see it's been cold-and there have been (and are right now) some good shots of snow--does this get the prime terrain of Alta/ Snowbird/ Solitude Open??? Has it been a good. average/ poor early season?? I've time I've gone to Utah they've been 400 inches into a 550 inch winter--so-just wondering were 150inches gets you by early January.

Thanks Utah*skiers!

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I get to Utah on 12-31. Unfortunately the storm now hitting looks to be a bit of a fizzler. Was supposed to be 12-20 inches, but now looks like half at best. Seems like Northern Utah has had a tough time this year getting winter storms. I also follow weather religiously and supposedly another storm to hit Jan.5-6. Seems like Colorado is stealing all the snow. Sorry, sour grapes. Oh well, hopefully nice weather at least.
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Actually, the PNW is getting all the snow:


UT is doing *OK*. Snowpack is adequate, but could be better, especially when compared to the last two winters. Based on current figures, Alta will end up in the 400" inch range this season, still way more than most places and currently has a base greater than any CO resort but one. Even the PC resorts are showing greater depths than places like Vail, Steamboat & Breckenridge, yet CO has "stolen" the snow? So it's all in the expectation, not in reality.

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I'm just whining because my expectations have been set high the last couple of years.
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