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Bob Peters rules!!

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I was just packing for my Alta trip this weekend & was thinking about my March JH trip last year...I had the incredible good fortune of meeting up with Bob & getting an afternoon tour of his favorite local-knowledge "stash". Following his line through the Expert Chutes into the Bowl resulted in Bob teaching me the finer points of the "pole arrest"...Bob, you are a true class act & thanks again! I'll try to post some of the pics we took under the Cajun Coulior later this week...
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You got that right !

Just wanted to thank Bob Peters for showing us around JH. All though we had limited snow fall and for some of us this was our 7th year at JH, Bob showed us some new lines we had not done before. I was amazed at how much powder Bob could find. It was nice to put a name with a face and get a chance to talk to a fellow EpicSki bear. Everyone in our group had a great time skiing with the well known Bob Peters.

All that talk about fishing got me to thinking about taking the wife on a fishing trip to Wyoming this summer. She does like to fish.

Many Thanks Bob

Remember "Ah - How Bad Can it Be"

Now if only I can figure out how to be an EpicSki supporter.
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If you have never seen the Tetons in Summer you have really missed something. The fly fishing is great all around there. Some of the best i have ever seen in my very limited fly fishing career is just below flaming gorge on the Green River.
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