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New Snow At Tahoe

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Reports of over a foot of new at SAT and Heavenly. Pics of Blue Canyon look good. Still snowing as of 7am. Yipeeeee
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Over 2 feet at Kirkwood , but high winds this morning are putting a hold on all the top lifts.
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It was pretty nice yesterday (12/27).

Alpine 12/28 - Alpine had Summit closed, but Alpine bowl Chair open. Alpine was very busy with huge lift lines on all open lifts.

It was cold. Temp was probably mid-teens mid mtn. Fortunately, it was mostly sunny.

The snow was holding up well when we stopped skiing at noon. Coverage is better, but still thin off the groomed trails. Might want your rock skis if you are going to go into places like Chute that Seldom Slides.

Promise Land and the backside have not opened yet.
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