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Which Atomic?

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I'm 5'9", 170 lbs, and an advanced skier who is leaving his old 918s behind, and looking for an all-mountain ski. What are the differences between the M10 puls ti and M11B5? Is the price difference worth it? How about searching for the old R10s or R11s?

Thanks a lot.
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I was in a similiar situation last year.......bye bye Beta Carves.
Which Atomic? They are all good
Try out the B5's in a 162 or even possibly a 172 if you want more stability and bigger turns going fast.
That was my style and I went for 172's but am 1 inch taller and 10-12lbs heavier than you.
Sometimes I wish I went shorter but mostly glad I went longer....especially in a few cms of cut up powder.....cuts like a hot knife through butter.
Most here will tend to recommend the 162 for you and they may be right.
The M11:B5's are more of a GS type ski and some say more forgiving.
Not sure about the M10's.
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...there happens to be a pair of B5s for sale in the Swap section. 162s. Ok, they're mine, but they would be a good option for you...
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Thanks, gentlemen, for further complicating my choice by adding a ski I had assumed was "too much"! Let me do a little research on that one as well tomorrow at my local shop.
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