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Economic Impact of Weather

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First reports are coming in....not unexpected..

MSNBC Money reports sales of snow gear way down.

Retailers in the Northeast and Midwest are having their worse season on memory for winter apparel and gear.


Winter apparel is 39% below the average.

Sales of snowblowers is down a whopping 68%.

Snowmobile sales are down 73%.


Resorts are getting hit too:

"Even harder hit are the ski resorts. With the big money period from Thanksgiving to New Years all but lost many resorts will find themselves reeling when the final tally comes in at the end of the season. Typically if January arrives without a significant cold spell or snowfall the consumer starts thinking Spring. Resorts will find it much more difficult to attract the destination traveler once the cold and snow arrives. This is definitely the type of season that can break a small operation."
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Gosh I never knew that economics were more important than the actual skiing but maybe thats because I havent talked to the Sky God lately. Maybe you should have gone to this thread instead.
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