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Proper Masters SL & GS Clothing and Gear Q

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Last year my skiing outfit was: regular Spyder pants, Spyder jacket, Spyder glows, back protector and Scott SL helmet.

For the local beer league masters racing competitions SL I just put on some Jofa legg and knee protectors that I bouth second hand for 10 bucks, fitted my ski poles with Leki gate blockers and refitted the jaw protector on the helmet.

When it came to GS I wore the exact same clothing and gear but if I had time I removed the protector from the helmet and the ski poles and did not wear the legg and knee protectors.

I want to know what kind of clothing and other protecting gear I should buy for this year? Im not shure if mrs TDK6 wants me to buy a proper GS suit since she thinks my skiing is over the edge alredy but I know that if I do that I would probably be faster. I also need some GS arm and body armour. How about SL, is it the same GS suit or should I stick with regular skiing cloths. The other racers laugh at me when I show up at the start and they remind me that I forgot my back pack once again but that really doesent disturb me, only time counts. And money.

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Get an authentic Team Finland World Cup suit. Then start the season with an attitude....
Show up at the start house and start closing your eyes and running the course mentally, but actually use your hands to simulate your path through the gates.. Really get into it with the body, too. Like a belly dancer. For added effect, you should be jamming some music through some ridiculously large headphones, ala Rasheed Wallace. You might even get a simulated WWF title belt.... the really big gold ones.
When your time comes, remove your heavyweight champion belt, strip down to your world cup GS suit and yell at the top of your lungs:


Not sure if it would make you any faster, but I guarantee it would be entertaining.
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No Viking horns on the helmet?
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Master's gear

Proper? Well then, I'd go with a real GS suit and armor added for slalom. Unfortunately, the *suits* really are faster, by a lot depending how competitive you are. I have heard even up to a second for fast juniors (obviously depends on the course and discipline, but that's a lot of "free" time)-


Do you want to be that guy? I mean, if it's to prevent the razz, go for it. If you really want to be every bit fast- go for it. Me? I'd rather be almost as fast or faster in Carhart's and patched up beater pants than wear a suit. I just have to keep in perspective that this is for fun, I'm not getting paid, it's COLD OUT THERE , and boy does it feel good to be the tool on the rec stuff that smoked em...
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For training days, I have a Descente softshell that is form-fitting and padded like a stealth top. It isn't all that insulated, but it does cut down on the wind and is faster than my coaching parka.

Softshells are another option for those that don't want to go for the full suit, but they're still not as fast. Suits do make a difference on short courses, as evidenced by the NASTAR pacesetter trials.
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Thanks guys for your input here. Sorry I did not get back to you sooner but yesterday I whent into this race gear shop and tried on a suit like this:

It fit well, very snugg and hard to get on and off (over the shoulders) but I looked like I was going windsurfing and not skiing. This is really all I need for GS and for SL I just strap on the knee protectors and use SL poles and helmet. I wonder if there is room in it to use the back protector?

Im not really shure if I want to show up in a suit like this but on the other hand, everybody else worth mentioning does. Its 500 bucks but its supposed to be high quality. Maybe I stick to my old slow outfit this winter. We still dont have any snow and Im on meniscular rehab untill the end of this month so I have alredy lost one two months of skiing anyway.

Im not going to blame it all on my outfit but this 16y kid that was way slower than me got his uncles old racing outfit and was almost smoking me at the end of last season. Im technically much better than many but still slower on the cource. They all have proper racing outfits. I wonder if an outfit like that is very cold?
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