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Good time to buy?

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National Sporting Goods Association reports today:

The most recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed the Sporting Goods CPI index at 101.5 for October, down 2.5% versus the October 2001 index. The drop was slightly less than the September decline of 2.7%. Since its December 1999 peak of negative 5.8%, the Sporting Goods CPI had been gradually moving higher (i.e., less negative), reaching its best showing of a negative 1.4% in June 2001. Since then, it has become increasingly negative. For 2001, the decline averaged 2.1%. For the first 10 months of 2002, the CPI for Sporting Goods has declined an average of 2.8%. The CPI for All Items in October 2002 increased 2.0% from the same month in 2001.

When compared to the CPI for All Items, the CPI for Sporting Goods provides an indicator of the ability to increase consumer prices for sports equipment. An inability to increase prices does not necessarily mean an inability to increase profits. Improved purchasing, inventory management and reductions in operating expenses can improve profitability without pricing increases. /END

An increasingly negative CPI suggests to me that we'll see sharp discounts this year to move the goods. This could be a good time to "invest" in that longed-for pair of skis or new boots (this also could be a good year for added values like footbeds with a new pair of boots, etc.).
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If you shop at some of the Big Box sports retailers you will see some nice discounts on skis and boots. Garts just had a midnight maddness sale the other week. they had skis marked down an additional 10 to 20% under the already discounted price. Still I'm finding better deals in Canada and from some Internet ski sites from Europe. I'm not sure how the smaller specialty ski shops are going to deal with all this discounting. I want to support the local shop. I'm not a wealthy man, if I can buy $750.00 pair of skis for $480 then I'm going to do it. It's funny the last recession we had ,sporting goods sold well. At that time The pundants were saying all the unemployed were buying sporting goods so they would have something to do during the day. Go fgure Econamic forecasters is the only job were you can be wrong more then 60% of the time and be concidered a genius
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