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Back on skiis

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So I've been trying to learn how to snowboard the last couple of seasons, but have always been a better skiier. It's just been a while.
Just received a pair of skiis for christmas though, so looks like I'm back on these.
They are K2 Commanche Pro's, 174.
I'm 5'11", 210lb. Learned to ski when I was 5, and continued until I was 16 or 17. I rented skiis once or twice last season, and it came back to me fairly quickly.
I was have Marker bindings. I'm planning on getting everything set up this week, saw that there is a boot fitting shop in San Diego. Being that I still need boots, I'll probably go there and get everything done.
But my main question is, what are the Commanche Pro's equivelant with? I read that they are an all mountain ski, but all the new ones go by Comm1-5.
And would a 174 ski work for someone my size, or should I run quick and get a different size before I mount the bindings?
Thanks for any input.
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According to this
it is equivalent to a 3 com.
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