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Enforcer/Mantra/Sugar Daddy/Titan Nine

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First off, I'd like to say that I've been looking for a forum like this for so long and am so happy to have found this. The information and advice on here is priceless, especially when shopping for new skiis.

I have just moved to California from Colorado and will now be skiing Kirkwood and Heavenly as opposed to Vail and A-Basin. I took the Snoop Daddy's out for a demo, they were great, but I think I'd like a bit fatter so the Sugar Daddy is high up on my list. I've heard the Mantra is a great alternative which has also been compared to the Enforcer. I prefer a vertical side cut which is the one thing docking the SD's on my list. I'm short, 5'5'' but I'm a stocky lil dude, 155-160 lbs, 20 yrs+ skiing experience, ultra aggressive and strong (I borrowed and skiied 185" Elan Fudds last year because I lost a ski on the first day of the season). I love skiing the backbowls, hucking medium sized rocks and cliffs - I'm going to miss Vail!!, and hard charging super-G turns through crud or on groomers. I'll be skiing Kirkwood all season, so hopefully many blue-bird pow days. Any recomendations?? Thanks!!
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I'm taking my new Sugar Daddy's out to Whistler this Thursday, so I'll post here with my impressions of the skis. One thing I can say off the bat is that they're super light.
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Mantra would be a good call.

You might want to take a look at the Gotama. The wider waist will do better in the heavy sierra snow and crud.

With both skis (Mantra and Gotama), people tend to like them in longer lengths. For your size it would be Mantra - 184 and Gotama - 183.
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I agree that Mantra is better in a relatively longer length, but for a guy 5'-5" and a banquet short of 170 lbs, that is a 177. The equivalent ski on me would be 195 cm. FWIW I have both the Mantra and picked up the Sugar Daddy on a deal but have not skied it yet. They are different skis with the SD having less sidecut and longer turning radius. The Mantra is very good at the variety of conditions we have at Kirkwood, including the occasional icy hardpack and windbuff, and of course powder and crud. The ski hooks up and turns on the side cut and flex. My guess is the SD will tend to slide turns more and should bust through crud at speed without a lot of deflection.
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Originally Posted by Cirquerider View Post
I agree that Mantra is better in a relatively longer length, but for a guy 5'-5" and a banquet short of 170 lbs, that is a 177.
I think it is a question of what "ultra aggressive" means.

I do know someone in the 150lb range, that felt the 177 Mantra was too short for Alpine. He remounted his for AT.

IMO, if high speed SG turns in crud are the critical factor, go for a longer length. You will be sacrificingsome tree and tight chute performance/ease of skiing.

Also, you might what to look at the Titan deal on bc.com for that kind of high speed skiing . If I didn't have LPs, there would be one less pair of those titan 9's.
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Unless this skier is a world class big mountain athlete (in which case he would not have to ask anybody what to buy) a 184 for his size is beyond absurd.

If I were to beleive that a guy that is 5'-5" and 155lb, needs a 184 Mantra, then I'd extrapolate that 5-10" 170 lbs needs a 190 (biggest they make) and anybody over that should not ski a Mantra because it's not enough ski or is just too short.

A gentleman who posts here occasionally is 5-8" 235 Lbs, is agressive plus and is not fat. He skied a Mantra in a 184 last year and never complained about "not enough ski".

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Head supermojo 105 181cm
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Mantras rock. Go 177. They're amazing on groomers, glare ice, powder and deep crud. Phenominal ski. No problem with fast.
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Originally Posted by SierraJim View Post
a 184 for his size is beyond absurd.
So are the 177 recommendations just absurd?:

You never recommended a size in your post.
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I've skied the 184 Mantra and 183 Sugar Daddy. Both good skis, but I prefer my Bro 179s over both of them. I'm on a pair of stiffs, but if your as agressive as you say, you would have no problems on them. They do everything as well or better as the Mantras or the Sugar Daddies. The only problem is the 50 day waiting period to get a pair. Since the factory is in Reno, you probably won't have any problem finding a pair to try out if you ski at Heavenly. There are a fair number of guys who are skiing them and would probably let you take them for a ride if your boot fits. Go to TGR forum for some info on how they ski.
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If you're riding at KW, why not demo the AK King Salmon over at Cornice Sports?

I ride the AK No Ka Oi (they're all mountain ski) and it's pretty solid. I'll most likely grab a KS when i get to KW in the coming weeks, too (they're on sale).

Granted, it only comes in a 180, but that's roughly 1/2 between the 177 and 185 recommendations you're getting.

BTW, I ski the Mantra in a 177 and I'm 5'11" and was 185lbs last season. It worked fine for me (although I do wish I'd tried the 184 just for comparison sake). That said, I may be switching my Mantra to an AT set-up if I get the King Salmon.

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